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Bhutan is not an ordinary destination. It is masked with green valleys and mountains. It’s a country that is mystic and yet magical at the same time. Bhutan is a Buddhist kingdom that lies on the eastern edge of the Himalayas, and is famous for monasteries, fortresses, a robust culture, and its remarkable landscapes. On our Bhutan tour we let you hike up to monasteries, marvel at the prayer wheels, and embrace the Buddhist culture.

Here are some of our top reasons to visit Bhutan:

The Kitchen in Bhutan:
Bhutan veterans will not let you leave without a plate of hot momos. The Kalden Restaurant in Thimpu is famous for a number of local dishes. These include, ema datshi (cheese and chilli) and sikam paa (dried pork bellies with chillies). The local dishes are shrouded with flavour and will leave you asking for more!

Taktsang Lhakhang:
This religious site is well known internationally, and attracts a great number of tourists. Situated on a rock cliff that is about 3,119 metres high in the valley of Paro is this famous Buddhist complex. Surrounded with enchanted blue pine forests, it asks for an exceptional climb, which is definitely worth the effort. Also known as the Tiger’s Nest, this is the most sacred religious site here.

Zuri Dzong Hike:
A dzong is a type of fortress that is predominantly unique to Bhutan. The hike up to Zuri Dzong, offers us nothing but a great bird’s eye view of the valley. It’s perfect to soak in the serenity and peace that lives here. This is one of the oldest dzong here, and it is said that Lord Buddha once came here to meditate during the 8th century. Zuri Dzong offers us a blissful place to relax and enjoy a mesmerising view of the very same trek.

Chelela Pass:
Situated at an altitude of 3,989 metres in Paro, this pass is the highest in Bhutan. It comes along the way to Haa Valley. Here, you can enjoy the panoramic views of the valley, drifting clouds, waterfalls and much more!

Buddha Dordenma Statue:
This impressive 52 metre structure was built at the base of Thimpu. It is visible from almost anywhere. This iconic bronze and gold statue attracts a number of tourists and is surrounded by the Khuensel Phodrang Nature Park.

Main Street:
Located in Paro, the Main Street covers almost two lanes and has a number of stores. Shopaholics can have a great time here, searching for ancient Buddhist souvenirs and materials related to prayers. Here, you can find welcoming shop owners. Striking a conversation with them is a great way to get an insight about the culture.

So explore the mystic country of Bhutan shrouded in ancient culture and traditions. To book your Bhutan Tour Packages at Cox & Kings.

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