A majority of the businesses today strive to go above and beyond to nurture their customers. Do you know why? The answer is simple- It’s easier to retain the existing customers rather than acquiring new ones. So, it’s advisable to take care of your customers even after the sale has been closed. One such way of doing this is following up using emails. However, if the follow-up emails lack the most crucial elements, they are less likely to be opened up. Here’s all that makes your follow up emails effective:

Compelling subject line:

The first and the most important element of a follow-up email is a subject line. A clear, concise and relevant subject line helps cut through the clutter. An enticing subject line that’s relevant to what the entire email is about, helps get your email opened.

Enthusiastic beginning:

Firstly, it’s very important to lend a personal touch and address the customer with his name. It makes him/her feel valued. Next, ensure that you start up your follow-up email with in an enthusiastic manner. You can start up by referring to the previous touch point, such as  “It was great speaking with you…”.

Add credibility:

People love it when they realize that a real person wants to know their opinion and is looking forward to their feedback. Lending a name and identity to the follow-up email lends a credibility to your business and makes the customers feel special.

Consistent message:

It is really important to focus on one single message when it comes to follow-up emails. Make sure that you keep the same single message from the start to the finish so that your readers can connect with you. This would further lead to increased sales.

Clear call to actions:

Whether you want your customer to call you, subscribe to your newsletter or give you some more information, mention it clearly. Use clear calls to action so as to mention exactly what you want.

Be accessible:

Mention appropriate contact details in the follow-up email. It makes it easy for the customers to reach out to you and further builds trust and credibility.

Inculcating all these elements in your follow-up email can actually make your email marketing efforts successful.

Source: Live Chat Agent

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