Efficiently Collecting Email from Other Accounts

To be able to collect email from another account into your MSN address for instance, your primary email needs to be configured with the log-in information for your secondary accounts. This way, your MSN email will regularly will scan your secondary IDs for new mail and display them in your primary inbox. A POP3 protocol or any other common email mechanism is required for this process to function seamlessly.

Why Should I Consolidate my Email Accounts?

The basic advantage of pursuing this is that you will be able to allow you main account to act on behalf of your secondary email addresses. This means that you will also be able to send new email out making it appear like it has been sent from your secondary email. However, if your secondary email client does not provide access to POP3, you will be forced to forward the email instead.

How to Forward your Email from a Secondary Email

Your MSN customer support team will be able to help you configure your secondary account into forwarding any incoming email to your main ID. The main advantage here is that the process is entirely automated and you receive email into your primary account as soon as it arrives into your secondary email. The disadvantage here is that this system does not allow your primary MSN account to act on behalf of the secondary email.

How to Collect Gmail-based Communications in your MSN Account

Here, your MSN id will be your main email account and your Gmail address will serve as the secondary one. Before you start, make sure that the POP3 access in your Gmail is enabled. For this you will need to go to Options à Mail Settings à Forwarding and POP/IMAP à POP Download.

Here you will come across two settings that require configuration. First, you will need to activate the POP protocol either for “all mail” or for “mail that arrives from now on”. Next, you will need to determine what your Gmail ID will do with the mail that is collected into your primary MSN account. You have a choice to either keep a copy in your inbox, mark copy as read, archive Gmail copies or delete them. Next, you need to click on the Save Changes button when you are done.

Finally, with the help of your MSN support services, log into your Microsoft account and configure your Gmail to conveniently start receiving emails in a single platform.

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