Don’t forget to search for a Surface Studio Promo Code before buying

If you are a Microsoft product lover, you must be aware of Surface Studio that is delivering marvelous performance with a great design. You can get it at low price through microsoft surface studio promo code offers. Read on for more!

Microsoft has recently announced a great device that is especially meticulously crafted for creative individuals and if you are one of them, don’t forget to have a look at it. If you are impressed you can also bring it home to be a precious possession. However due to its unbelievable performance and great design, it is priced mainly on the higher side. There is nothing to worry since Microsoft has launched several Surface Studio Promo Code which can simply reduce the cost to a great extent when you redeem them at the payment counter. They are readily available offline or even online and all you need to do is to simply take out time for both and choose the ones that suit you the best.

You might be wondering what makes Surface Studio this costly and you would be glad to know that it is not overpriced at all. The technical specifications include a screen of 28inch powered by Pixel-Sense Display, with a 192 DPI resolution and 10 point multi touch features, a Surface Pen that comes with 1024 pressure levels to make your writings same as on paper, a zero gravity hinge, and many more. You will be getting a strong internal specification with Quad-core Gen 6th processor, NVIDIA graphics, 16GB RAM, and a huge 128 GB storage for all your files and documents and videos. Further you get Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a 1GB internet port along with Xbox in built to satisfy your surfing needs. Can you imagine anything better than this?

Studio differs from other devices in few categories and one major area would be its look. You can lay it flat like a tablecloth as well as put it up as a desktop. Isn’t that a great way to work?  Expect 4 USB ports, a full SD card reader, mini display ports, 3.5 mm headset, and many more so that you can plug in accessories to your discretion. Expect great audio as there are dual microphones, Dolby digital stereo speakers, and a 3.5 mm headset jack. Taking videos will be fun since Surface Studio has a 5 MP front camera with 1080p video facilities and a hello face sign in camera as well more extra security. You can also get TPM chip that provides you enterprise security to protect all your important documents to the best way possible. What else do you expect from a device?

One thing must be kept in mind before you plan to take Surface Studio through a microsoft surface studio promo code and that is timing of procuring the promos. There is a huge demand of the same all over the globe and thousands of customers eye upon their announcements to grab them before the other. So if you are late or have not kept a track of the announcements, you might end up getting none of them. So in that case you would have to pay a huge price to bag the device which others, through successful redemption, might get at a lesser price. So don’t waste your time and simply collect the promo offers before they go off the market due to increase in demand and shortage of supply.

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