Do Not Over Load Your Power Board

An over load takes place when the electric circuit has an increase in amper value and the reason behind this is because of connecting too many appliances to the same plug point. The result being short circuit and a fire accident.



There are many old style homes having one or two socket points in a room and this gives a temptation to plug in double adaptor or power board for offering lots of outlets. There is no problem with the number of outlets unless and until it is used moderately.


There are some devices that uses higher amounts of amps (kettle) when compared to other devices like (batteries). Avoid using mixers, grinders, kitchen if you have only one power point in the kitchen. Similarly avoid using dryers, heaters, and electric razors at the same time in the bathrooms.


There are few overload protection devices that every household meter has for reducing the exceeded amps in the circuit. They are:


It is designed in such a way when too much current passes through them it will blow or melt away.



Here the circuit is cut or tripped off when too much current passes through it.

Power boards are used for overload protection and the circuit is tripped off when excess of current flows through it and the board also has a switch to bring back to normal.


The reason for the trip or the circuit breakdown is because of fault in your electrical system; either you would have connected lots of high amp devices or there might be some other problem. If you are unable to find the reason please have a check up done with a certified electrician or else you would be under a severe trouble.


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Heater or Cooler uses maximum amper of energy consumption and therefore it is risky as it may overload the power board. So if you inculcate passive design then it will be help for you as the heating or the cooling system of your flat depends on the sun’s exposure on your building.

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