Discover Gothic Clothing at Metal Babe Mayhem!

Gothic is not a fashion phenomenon, it is a style, a life setting. We love Gothic clothes since a velvet dress on a Gothic festival was still common and black lace dominated the alternative clothes. Gothic clothing, however, has long since developed and grown up. Ladies and Gentlemen of the Dark Fashion-Scene dress themselves diverse and imaginative, and Gothic clothes have become the very own fashion.


Alternative fashion and underground fashion is more popular than ever before. A Gothic can be seen today not only in scene clubs, but also stars and models on the catwalk of famous fashion shows like to make a baroque corsage or a modern lacquer corset. Not to say, Gothic shops, alternative fashion designers and labels inspire today the clothing industry and the next generation of fashion designers. In particular influences from Rock, Punk, Rockabilly, Metal, Fetish and Cyber ​​are in demand.


In Metal Babe Mayhem, an online shop for Gothic clothes and accessories we invite you to browse. You’re looking for a gothic dress, Flaming V Necklace or Cotton Candy Women’s Tank Top? We have the newest clothes and alternative fashion in different styles. Whether you are looking for gothic clothes, accessories or other objects, in our store, you will find everything that your heart desires. New ideas keep an offer like ours alive, so we expand the range in our shop. To see our range of exclusive clothing, please visit us at

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