Digital Forensic Experts in India

India is the second-most popular democracy of the world therefore, crime is taking place in today’s life. To overcome such crimes we need to analyze and extract the digital information as well as data from storage media and ensuring its accuracy and reliability. In the following section, we will discuss the importance of digital forensics experts in India.

Main Areas of Digital Forensics

There are several main areas of digital forensics those are discussed below:

  1. Computer Forensics: It is the scientific examination and analysis of digital data, which is legally admissible. Also, it must be used in the detection and prevention of crime and focussed on hard disks and removable media and analysis.
  2. Network Forensics: It helps to monitor and identify the computer network traffic for the purpose of gathering information or data, legal evidence or intrusion detection. Mainly, it concentrates on network abuse and intrusions as well.
  3. Software Forensics: It is the science of observing the software source code or binary code for determining either intellectual property or theft occurred. It helps to deal with malware and examine the malicious code.
  4. Live System Forensics: It helps to consider the value of the data that might be lost by getting down the power of computer system while the system is still working. It focuses on problems dealing with compromised host and abuse system.

Objective of Computer Forensics in India

Computer forensics is a sub-branch of digital forensics and its main purpose is to recover, identify and present computer dependent material in such a manner to utilize it as an evidence in a court of law. It is necessary that no need to require the equipment or procedures while examining the Desktop obviate.

Needs of Digital Forensics Experts in India

The requirement for digital forensic services and equipment has been derived from the widespread utilization of personal digital media in both businesses as well as a home user wants crime investigators for accessing the digital information.

Analysis of Forensics Evidence in India

  • Digital Forensic analysis is the process to understand, re-construct and analyze the events that have occurred previously.
  • Signing is the best way of recording of data that will be useful for the future purpose to understand the past events.
  • Also, the collected data may include the decompiling binaries or can recover other remaining evidence including images saved in the memory.

Forensic Analysis in India Successfully

  • Forensic analysis requires the capability to re-construct any event of the user, nature, and occurrence of the previous events.
  • It is capable to cover the high number of possible events such as to verify the user environment, convert channels, race conditions and overflow buffer.

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