Different Types of Carpet

Are you planning to add carpet to your interiors? Do you already have carpet installed that is in need of carpet cleaning? Are you looking to upgrade you current carpet? Whatever reason you may have, knowing the different types of carpet will be helpful and useful in many ways. For instance, it can help you get better tips in caring for your current carpet. If you know the different types of carpet, you will also know which type to choose for your first installation or for your carpet upgrade.

Carpet can be inexpensive, with so many types, colors, style, and textures. There are also many benefits you can get from installing a carpet. It can give a room some personality. It also greatly influences the ambiance of the room and it absorbs sound quite well. Is a member of the family having cello lessons? Install carpet in the room and it will greatly minimize the sound heard outside.

Some of the other types of carpet need specialized carpet cleaning services. You may ask your carpet cleaner about it. It is beneficial for you to know which type of carpet you have though so that you can know for yourself what kind of care is needed for your carpet. This is also to minimize chances of error.

Here are the different types of carpet according to their construction:

  1. Loop Pile Carpet

Loop pile carpet is the type which was made with the fibers bent into mini loops. It’s a durable type of carpet style, but it offers limited cushioning. One of its strong points is its resistance to stains. This type also includes Berber and multi-level loops. Berber type of loop pile is made with short looks that can stand up. Multi-level loops are made with loops of varying height to create patterns and different textures.


  1. Cut Pile Carpet

Cut Pile carpet is definitely different from loop pile carpet. Whereas there are loops in the loop pile, the yarn tips are cut in the cut pile, making this type of carpet softer than loop pile. It also offers better cushioning than loop pile. Aside from these, cut pile carpet has many sub-types. This includes plush, Saxony, cable, frieze and textured cut pile carpet. Most plush carpets are soft, smooth and even, making it look formal. Saxony type is also smooth but it has longer and more twisted fiber, which means it has more body than the other types if cut pile carpet. The downside is that doesn’t bounce back to its original form quickly so furniture and footprints can leave unsightly dents. Cable has longer and thicker fibers, making it extremely soft and comfortable for the feet. Frieze carpet probably has the longest fibers so it is discouraged for areas with higher traffic. Textured cut pile carpet has a rough surface due to the fact that the fibers have been cut at different lengths.


These are just basic stuff about carpet types but it can immensely help in choosing the right carpet to be installed in a given space and it can also help you figure out what kind of carpet cleaning care you need. You can always refer to any professional carpet cleaning company to find more information about carpet care.

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