Determining When To Go for Carpet Replacements

Sometimes when you’ve had your carpet for too long, probably without the best maintenance regimen, carpet cleaning just won’t cut it. If your carpet is too worn out by dirt and misuse, no matter how many excellent carpet cleaner companies you employ, you still might fail to save your carpet. How do you know when it’s time to give up on carpet cleaning and that it’s already time to go for carpet replacements?

Surely, making up your mind won’t be easy. For sure, it will be a tough decision because of many reasons like the cost of having new carpet installed, not to mention your feelings of attachment for the current worn one. However, if your carpet is on the verge of giving out, you may have to make a quick decision in favor of carpet replacements.

Here’s how you can tell that your carpet needs replacement, not just carpet cleaning:

  1. Persistent Stains and Discoloration

Carpet is originally designed and produced with a stain-resistant finish. With prolonged use and poor maintenance practices, this finish can wear off, leaving your carpet susceptible to stains and discolorations that look hideous and disgusting. When these stains keep on appearing no matter how many times you call your carpet cleaner, it could be a sign that your carpet’s current state is hopeless.

  1. Foul odor that doesn’t come off with carpet cleaning

Carpet that smells like rotten food is the best way to ruin a room’s ambiance. If you see yourself wrinkling your nose every time you walk into the room with carpet, you probably need to call your carpet cleaning company right away. If the issue can’t be resolved by deep-cleaning by your carpet cleaner, it might be because the materials that cause such foul odor has completely penetrated the carpet. This might cause mold and mildew to grow, causing the smell to become worse and making your carpet a threat to your family’s health. If the carpet cleaner can’t solve it, the carpet probably has to go.

  1. Torn and wrinkled carpet

If your carpet is wrinkled and torn with countless bulges in many places, it might be a sign that your carpet has reached the end of its days. You don’t want anything to do with a shabby carpet. Instead of improving the aesthetics of your home, it will just serve to do the opposite. Furthermore, these tears and bulges will not only make your interior shabby, these can be dangerous too. Someone in the family might trip on the worn carpet and it might lead to serious injuries.

When it comes to carpet cleaning and maintenance, your local carpet cleaner can definitely do the job. However, in some cases, prolonged indifference to your carpet’s status can cause these issues. If you haven’t called your carpet cleaner in so long, and you wait until you notice these carpet issue, it might be too late to save your carpet. The best option for you would be new carpet installation. It pays to have carpet cleaning services regularly – you won’t need to replace your carpet so soon.

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