Designing And Selling Your Own WordPress Themes

Blogs represent the most common sort of website on the web world. While exploring Google for any keyword term, there will be at least six sites which come up in the top ten for that keyword that is blogs.


Several individuals who are commencing websites these days are choosing blogs as compared to undynamic information sites. The main reason behind this concept is that blogs rank better in Google as search engines love dynamic and new content. It isn’t the sole advantage of blogs as they are very simple to sell as well and you would also be able to add posts and information through a mere click of a button.


There exist a lot of varied blog platforms that are obtainable on the internet; however, the most prominent being is WordPress. Through only visiting their site anyone can download it and commence using it fee of cost.


WordPress comes with a great number of standard pre-designed themes but mostly all of them are of mediocre quality and not very alluring. As a result of this, there are a lot of sites as well as businesses on the internet that offer premium WordPress themes.


If you own computer programming and design skills, you will be able to capitalize on this very extraordinary opportunity and commence selling your owned designed themes. But if you lack the requisite skills, then you can choose to hire somebody for performing the job and you can focus on marketing the product.


For making a WordPress theme, you must cascade style sheets and hypertext markup language and have graphic design knowledge as well. There exist numerous sites on the internet that offer free tutorials on designing the WordPress themes.


In case, you wish to create themes which are easy to sell, then you will need to perform some research about what sort of themes are popular. For example- suppose you make a commercial enterprise-oriented theme in all likelihood, it will be more merchantable as compared to fine art gallery theme.


Before you commence your business, it is suggested that you constitute 5 to 10 varied themes and you had better test them yourself and be sure that they won’t have any glitches.


For arranging the prices of the themes, you can perform some research as well as see how much money others are asking for their own themes.


Another interesting and excellent way for making the best of WordPress themes is offering them free of charge that includes back-links to your site. If your theme goes famously your website will gain 1000s of backlinks that naturally would be a great result for you as well.

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