Dealing With Juice Spills On Your Carpet

Keeping your carpet clean can always be a challenge especially when you have an active household. There can be many things that can cause issues on your carpet. This can include pets, soiling from dirty feet of kids, molds from moisture and humidity, moth and pest infestation, and of course, spills. Spills can really be common and dealing with them takes a lot of patience and expertise. When you don’t know how to deal with the spills properly, these can lead to permanent stains and even fiber damage on your carpet. At times, professional carpet cleaning services may even be necessary to clean your carpet properly. No matter how careful you are, you can’t really control the other members of the household and drinks can spill on the carpet. In fact, it’s almost impossible to keep your carpet totally without spills of any kind.

When drinks such as coffee or juice get spilled on the carpet, bacteria can flock to that area, causing odors and even molds too. This can make the entire room smell and can even subject your family to health risks, if not cleaned properly and on a timely manner.

How should you deal with spilled juice on your carpet? Do you need to call a professional carpet cleaner right away for that?

Here are some carpet cleaning tips for juice spills that might prove to be useful:

  1. For Fresh spills

Fresh juice spills are easier to deal with because the juice particles won’t have the chance to seep through the fibers yet. The first thing you’d want to do is remove the juice from the carpet as much as you can. You can use paper towels to do this. Be careful not to press the towels too hard into the carpet – it might cause the juice to be absorbed more. After you did the best you could in removing the juice spilled, you can then pour a little bit of cold water on the area to dilute the residual particles left. Dry with paper towels and repeat the carpet cleaning process until the stain is gone. If the stain cannot be removed despite your efforts, sprinkle the area with salt liberally and leave it overnight. The salt will absorb the stain but if this won’t work, proceed to our second carpet cleaning tip.

  1. Dried Juice Spill Stains

This is more challenging to remove but it is still possible, depending on the carpet type and condition. You may have to use an alkaline cleaning agent, like vinegar to remove an old stain from your carpet. Other removing agents include ammonia and baking soda, mixed in several parts of water. You have to be careful in handling these, however, since depending on your carpet fiber type, some signs of damage may be noticeable.

If you really can’t remove juice stains by yourself, or if you do not have the confidence to remove the stains safely, better employ an expert carpet cleaner to do take care of it.

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