Dazzling Dubai Calls

​Dubai is a city that is known for its ostentatious displays of wealth. From having a 7 star luxury hotel, to housing the world’s tallest building, this little city has made a place for itself in the world. This little middle-eastern country is known for its glitz, glamour and massive shopping malls. If you’re looking to enjoy a luxurious time in the desert, then Dubai should be your next holiday destination.

While most Dubai holiday packages will include a visit to the malls and the Burj Khalifa, we’ve come up with a short list of off-beat experiences that you can enjoy in Dubai, apart from the usual fare:

Go Skydiving

This incredible experience should definitely be up high on your to-do list when you’re visiting Dubai. If you’re nervous, don’t worry, you won’t be doing the jump alone. An instructor will be strapped to you as you make your way back to earth from 13,000 feet in the air! On your way down, enjoy a birds-eye view of the phenomenal Palm Jumeirah below.

Swim with Dolphins

There’s nothing quite as serene as making your way through the water while holding the fin of a dolphin. If you aren’t a keen swimmer, then you can simply make your way to the Dubai Dolphinarium to enjoy a fun dolphin show in the comfort of a fully air-conditioned arena.

Scuba Diving in the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

One of the spots usually included in Dubai packages, the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo lets you walk through a glass tunnel so you can get as close as possible to the many species of fish, penguins, sharks, dolphins and sea otters. However, if you’re up for something a little different, why not opt for the glass-bottom boat ride, or a scuba diving experience.

Shopping at the Souks

We all know Dubai is famous for its mall, but the city is still home to some traditional markets or souks. The most famous of these are the gold souk and the spice souk. In the gold souk, you’ll find shop after shop selling everything from gold rings and bangles to blouses made entirely of gold! Walk down to the spice market nearby, and enjoy the rich aroma of the spices found here.

Al Bastakiya

Finally, enjoy a flavour of history at Al Bastakiya, one of the oldest Emirati residential colonies in Dubai. Dating back to the 19th century, this establishment takes you through the rich heritage of Dubai. The old wind towers and ancient architecture of the buildings found here are fascinating.

Dubai houses a plethora of natural and man-made attraction to entertain tourists. Visit Dubai and experience the unlimited levels of human ambition and technological excellence. To book your holiday to Dubai, click here.

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