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Whether you’re on the range or on the hunt, handling firearms requires you to maintain awareness of your surroundings. While firearm safety may sound as simple as watching your neighbors on the range or checking your surroundings before taking a shot, being aware of your situation takes a lot more than visual awareness.


As your eyes keep you up to date on what’s in front of you, your ears keep you alerted to what’s going on all around you even if you use Custom Ear Plugs. Your hearing plays more of a role in your perception of the world than you may think — the snap of a twig in the woods can alert you to the presence of a buck as well as the wandering steps of a fellow hunter. That’s why maintaining your hearing is a key part of being safe in dangerous environments.


The issue becomes more complex the louder your environment gets. Though hunting often involves long periods of quiet attention, shooting ranges are notoriously loud enough to cause temporary deafness. Custom Ear Plugs While leaving your ears unprotected can let you hear the ambient noise of the range and listen for warning shouts, such exposure can result in long-term damage to your hearing.


So — what exactly are you supposed to do with Custom Ear Plugs? Put in some Custom Ear Plugs

and risk missing out on a shout or crucial cue that could jeopardize your safety? Leave them out and deal with going deaf by middle-age? What if we said you didn’t have to choose?


Read on to learn more about the methods and new technologies available today to help you stay aware of your surroundings while still protecting your hearing.

The Importance of Hearing Protection


One in five Americans has some level of hearing loss that affects their ability to understand speech. Hearing loss is considered one of the top preventable conditions related to one’s occupation or hobby. The most common cause of such hearing loss is excessive exposure to noise and not using Custom Ear Plugs



Hearing damage tends to occur when the ear is exposed to sustained high noise levels. These noise levels are quantified in units called decibels, or dB, which measure sound pressure. For example, human speech typically produces 65 dB, while a jackhammer produces 125 dB. Custom Ear Plugs

will block such sound.


The higher the sound pressure, the louder the noise and the less time needed to cause damage to the ear. While damage can occur at sustained noise levels around 85 dB, short-term exposure to 140 dB without protection can cause just as much damage. To be safe, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires hearing protection to be used in work and recreational environments with sound levels at 85 dB or higher.

The Importance of Situational Awareness


While hearing is an important thing to maintain, overprotection can be just as much of a problem. This is because of an idea known as situational awareness.


Situational awareness is the perception of elements in your environment in time and space. This includes awareness of your surroundings, your current situation and the potential dangers. Hearing is a key part of situational awareness, as hearing is a key part of perception that is always present and able to sense everything around you, unlike vision, which can only see what is immediately in front of you. so use Custom Ear Plugs



When gun users have so much hearing protection they can’t hear important sounds, such as yelling, noise alerts and other important signals, their situational awareness is reduced. This can pose a serious threat to the health and safety of both the individual and those around them.

The Need for Protection and Awareness


Many Americans have hearing loss related to their gun- or explosive-related occupations or hobbies. Unfortunately, many of these require a great deal of situational awareness as well, since any situation involving a gun or explosive has the potential to be a lethal one for the user and those around them.


Just a few of the activities requiring both qualities include:

Shooting Sports


Shooting ranges require you to wear ear protection of some kind. Each shot fired can produce from 140 to 190 dB, which can quickly build up and compound in a busy shooting range. While protection is important here, situational awareness in a shooting range is just as crucial. Someone losing hold of their firearm, misfiring or shooting into a crowd are things to be constantly vigilant about. So use Custom Ear Plugs


Each shot fired can produce from 140 to 190 DB, which can quickly build up and compound in a busy shooting range. So use Custom Ear Plugs

Pyrotechnics and Explosives


Any activity involving explosives requires ear protection. The average fireworks display produces up to 175 decibels up close, with lower-level explosions producing 150 decibels. While protecting your ears in these environments is important, it’s just as important to hear what is going on around you. A misfire or poorly timed explosion can endanger anyone in the area, so being aware of such problems is crucial to an operator or onlooker’s safety. So use Custom Ear Plugs

Military Work


Hearing loss is a major problem within the military, with one in five soldiers suffering from hearing loss, according to NPR. Between regular shooting drills to exposure to loud heavy machinery, soldiers are regularly exposed to noise levels high enough to cause permanent damage to their hearing. So use Custom Ear Plugs



However, situational awareness is equally as important for soldiers in the field, as the creak of a door or the snap of a twig can warn them of an imminent attack. Vocal orders are also important to the survival of a soldier in the middle of a firefight, so blocking out all noise is both impractical and potentially lethal. So use Custom Ear Plugs

Technology in Protection and Awareness


In addition to knowing how to maintain situational awareness in noisy environments, using enhanced hearing protection for your environment is a key part of maintaining situational awareness and hearing protection simultaneously. So use Custom Ear Plugs


To that end, the military and hearing-concerned businesses have developed new forms of hearing protection, made to help reach a compromise between hearing protection and situational awareness. Though often designed for the military, these new earplugs for situational awareness are boons to all gun-related businesses and hobbies. So use Custom Ear Plugs


Just a few of the new earplugs with situational awareness measures built in include the following:


Enhanced Earplugs: Whereas traditional earplugs are simple foam pieces designed to block out sound completely, new models of earplugs are now available on the market. While foam So use Custom Ear Plugs alone tend to fit poorly, new models mold more closely to the shape of the ear canal, creating a more perfect seal. So use Custom Ear Plugs


Some use a putty-like substance to mold to the shape of the ear, while others are specially made from a mold of your ear and designed to retain their shape. Still others are filled with a silicone fluid, allowing some noise transmission while simultaneously achieving a close So use Custom Ear Plugs fit.

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