Cubot V1 Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Bracelet

Cubot V1 Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Bracelet is one of the most popular and best fitness trackers of Cubot Brand with OLED display which can help by providing information about our health condition. Cubot fitness tracker has multi-functions like sleep monitoring, activities record, Calls/SMS remind, sync sports data etc.

Cubot fitness tracker has sleep monitoring options from which Cubot can recognize your state automatically and monitor the whole sleep progress with analyzing the light sleep and deep sleep hours that help you to know about your sleeping condition and time period. It also helps you to wake up in the morning by providing smart alarm.

This fitness tracker is look like a smart bracelet that can record your activities throughout 24 hours of a day. Cubot can count your steps that you have walked on a day and it will improve your walking goal day by day which will help you to be fit as we know “walking is the best exercise for our health”. Cubot fitness tracker can count your distances that you have traveled and your calorie consumption throughout the day.

Cubot bracelet will give you a real time assessment about your exercise and sync your sports data when it is sync with your smart phone via Bluetooth. It has Calls/SMS reminder option that the smart bracelet will vibrate you when you have calls or SMS and it also remind you when your phone or android device is out of range. You can use your app to find your band. You will get notifications when you receive Calls, SMS, QQ or Wechat.

Cubot fitness tracker has some extra-ordinary features that it supports various time format and unit as well as standard time, Military time, Metric unit and Imperial unit. You can choose the time format and unit as you like. It has long battery life that lasts up to 15 days with a single charge and it takes 30 minutes to recharge it fully.

It’s a waterproof wristband but suggest that is not compatible for shower and swimming. Cubot smart wristband app supports various languages like English, Chinese, Germany, French, Italian, Spanish, and Russian that is helpful for regional people with their own language.

So, Cubot wristband fitness tracker will remind users to take rest timely to avoid fatigue for maintaining good health according to your working time.

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