Crane Manufacturers and Suppliers: 4 Must-have Features in Double Girder EoT Cranes


Double Girder EoT Cranes are all about power and multi-tasking. There are more than a few things which need to be taken into consideration when it comes to opting for these cranes. Mostly used for transportation, Double Girder EoT cranes find extensive use in warehouses, stockpiles, workshops among others. For crane manufacturers, this is one of their most important series of offerings which forms an integral part of the supply chain management system across multiple industries.

Double Girder EoT Cranes:

Mechanically, these cranes are a notch above single girder cranes simply because they have 2 girders. Dual girders allow additional strength although the mechanism remains the same. But for crane manufacturers, it’s all about manufacturing a product with the best possible functionalities.

From a buyer or users point of view, there are certain features they expect from these products. These cranes play a central role in any supply chain. More often than not dealing with huge loads, these cranes are subject to extensive usage and pressure. So proper functionality is more than just an expectation, it is a professional necessity.

5 Vital Features which Crane Manufacturers integrate into Double Girder EoT Cranes:

1. Functional Longevity –

Functionality is too basic a word to describe the point. But to put it simply, a Double Girder EoT Crane should be able to lift and operate weights as per its badging and gradation. Integrating these cranes into a proper setup comes first. But what follows is whether they can commit and execute functions as per their weight. The best crane suppliers run pre-delivery testing to ensure quality and output.

2. Top-End Cables and Electricals –

Contrary to the general idea that the most important mechanism of these cranes is its hydraulics, modern cranes are more dependent on their electrical setups and cables. Even top crane manufacturers source the electrical setups and cables from outside parties. To continue with the point, cables are more suspect to faults than the girders or most of the other components. They are one of the most mobile and important components of a Double Girder EoT Crane. So, inspecting cable quality, strength and mobility are of utmost importance before continuous usage.

3. Multiple Compact Customizations –

The best cranes have multiple customizable features most of which have to do with the load hook. This is a must-consider pointer for buyers who therefore have the option to carry and transport multiple types and formats of loads through without having to opt for a manual option. Customization allows both time and labor saving.

4. Safety –

The best crane suppliers will provide buyers with an official and thorough set of safety tests along with their results pre and post-delivery. Safety is one of the most important points to consider for every heavy-duty equipment or machinery. This applies even more so on Double Girder EoT Cranes as they are set up indoors, that is, in close proximity to functionaries.

To sum it up, these are the 4 most important features which crane manufacturers provide with these Double Girder EoT cranes.

Furthermore, buyers are properly advised to opt for such heavy-duty equipment only from the best crane suppliers.


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