Control Diabetes & Prevent Complications

One of the most widespread chronic diseases that has gripped our country is Diabetes. Specialist in Delhi and other north Indian cities estimate that every 5th to 8th person living in a metro like Delhi might be suffering from Diabetes. Since Diabetes is there to stay we must learn to live with it and change ourselves with times to keep ourselves healthy and prevent complications of Diabetes, the most prominent of which are:

  • Cardiovascular- Heart Attack, Stroke or Paralysis, more than 60% of Diabetics die due to Heart Attacks or stroke rather than there natural death or due to Diabetes, This is because Diabetes aggravates conditions which cause blockage of arteries supplying blood to Heart and Brain, a process called atherosclerosis, which is accelerated in Diabetes. Specialist in Noida & Delhi indicate that The Heart Attack in persons with Diabetes:

o   Occurs 2-4 times more frequently than in non- Diabetics

o   It is more severe with increased chances of death

o   Once it has occurred the chances of repeating are more than in non- Diabetics.

o   Stroke is also 2-4 times more frequent in Diabetics as compared to non- Diabetic individuals.

Peripheral Vascular Disease- Blockage of Arteries  ( Blood vessels supplying oxygenated blood) in legs due to formation of atherosclerotic plaques leads to decrease in blood flow during exercise or walking and in severe cases even at rest. Diabetologist in Indirapuram, Delhi & Noida just like other metros screen all patients of Diabetes with a simple test called Doppler ABI since it (PAD) may even be indicative of Heart diseases as the same process may be occurring in the heart.

·         Retinopathy- Retina or the light sensitive part of the eye gets affected and leads to irreversible blindness, Diabetologist in Noida and Indirapuram have also noticed that the incidence of Cataract and Glaucoma is also increased in uncontrolled Diabetics and is more severe.

·         Nephropathy- Uncontrolled Diabetes over a long period causes damage to Kidneys, ultimately leading to Kidney failure, which requires Dialysis then subsequently Renal replacement or Kidney transplant.

·         Neuropathy- persistently Increased Blood Sugar levels according to Diabetologist in Indirapuram Noida and Delhi is the most common complication of Diabetes and present frequently at the time of Diagnosis. This is caused by damage to the nerves of the body, when only peripheral nerves are affected like the ones supplying Legs, Soles etc. This causes pain, Burning, Tingling or numbness in feet and soles, frequently people being diagnosed with Diabetes complain of having severe pain in legs. This pain may be due to Peripheral Diabetic Neuropathy, which frequently gets better with control in Blood Sugar levels.

·         When the nerves of Autonomic Nervous system get affected as happens when Diabetes remains uncontrolled over a long period of time this leads to wide ranging problems which include Heart, Urinary Bladder, Gastro Intestinal system etc. May result in

·         Silent Angina- when a Diabetic person does not feel any chest pain during Angina Attacks or may even suffer from a Silent Myocardial Infarct ( Heart Attack without any Symptoms)

  • Palpitations- Increased heart rate, as the mechanism to control Heart rate does not respond effectively.
  • Diabetic Gastropathy- Sense of fullness  in the abdomen as if the food is not being digested – may cause constipation and Loose motions
  • Diabetic Uropathy- Inadequate emptying of Urinary Bladder leads to retention of urine and frequent infections.
  • Diabetic Foot- Diabetic Neuropathy & Peripheral Vascular disease a diabetic patient does not feel small pin pricks or damage to the skin of feet or soles, due to autonomic neuropathy the soles often become dry and get cracked, These get infected and do not heal properly as the Blood supply to feet is adversely affected due to blockage in arteries- Gangrene of the feet or toes ensues and may necessitate the amputation of toes or even the limb.

There’s no permanent cure for Diabetes. Specialist in Delhi recommend that as soon as Diabetes is diagnosed prompt action should be taken and glucose levels should be always kept under control together with Blood Pressure and Cholesterol in order to avoid Diabetes Complications.

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