Construction Projects can Damage your Trees

Construction of new homes, adding new driveways and building new additions to your home all these cause damage to your trees. Often these constructions involve removal of trees or shrubs. But many construction sites contain trees that are worthy of preservation. In order to minimise damage and retain valuable trees on your property, certified tree arborist in Melbourne should be involved in the project from beginning to end.

Below are some common types of tree injuries that occur due to construction.

Soil compaction

Soil compaction is a result of vehicle and equipment movement near the trees. The severity of compaction depends on the force, frequency, soil texture, moisture of the soil and surface cover. Compacted soil reduces aeration, slow down water movement and causes mechanical resistance to root penetration which hinders root growth and biological activity.

Damage to Roots

The root system of trees is extensive and asymmetric. It can be damaged by excavation cutting tools during grade changes or other activities, trenching equipment used for water, sewer, electrical cables, cable TV, irrigation and other utility installations, burning and burial of debris, soil over roots and altered water tables. Digging trenches for foundation and various underground pipes can also cause serious root damage.

Injury to Trunk

Equipment for land clearing, grading, construction, material delivery and landscaping may gouge the bark off the tree trunk. Such injuries can be harmful, not only because a needed part of the tree has been removed, but also because pests may enter the wounded areas. Injuries may also be caused to phloem, cambium and xylem which results in reduced capacity of the tree to transport water, nutrients and carbohydrates.

Tree Thinning

Certain trees branches may be removed to create an area on which to build the structure and decrease amount of shade. When branches are removed, the remaining tree is more exposed to the wind and may suffer damage. This results in damage to branches as well as the entire tree being broken and blown over.

Certified arborists in Melbourne can help avoid these issues on a construction site by identifying tree resources and determining the appropriate size for tree protection zones as well as monitor tree health and site conditions before, during and after construction. If you have any construction going on around your yard and worried about trees health, get in touch with Daryl’s Tree Care & Surgery, they have certified arborists to help protect your trees.

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