Construction Market Research – Road and Railway Construction Projects in Asia-Pacific

The report provides detailed market analysis, information and insights based on over 1,200 CIC projects in 13 countries. The report provides detailed metrics on each countrys road and railway construction projects, as tracked by the CIC, split by type, start date and value.

This report details the investment in large-scale road and railway projects in the region, based on the projects tracked by Jsb Market Research Construction Intelligence Center (CIC). The projects are at various stages of development, from announced to execution, and are in 4 categories: railways, roads, trams and metros and tunnels and bridges. A total of 13 countries in the region are covered, and the combined value of projects tracked in these countries stood at US$2.86 trillion as of June 2015. The average value of projects across the 1,266 projects studied is US$2.26 billion. The highest value project tracked in this report is the US$200 billion China-Russia-Canada-America High Speed Rail Road.

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The report provides analysis based on CIC projects showing value by country and top project listings. Top participants for the sector are also shown.

Reasons To Buy
Gain an insight into the main drivers of activity and forecasts, providing an understanding of key trends.
Gain analysis of the main project participants by value and sector, enabling clients to target products and services for each project type.
Gain access to top project data for road and railway projects by location, value, stage and start date.
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Key Highlights
CIC Projects analysis shows that road and rail construction projects for the 13 countries is estimated to be US$2.86 trillion.
The railways sector leads for Asia-Pacific, with projects valued at US$1.58 trillion, followed by roads with US$580.7 billion.
Trams and metros is in third place with projects valued at US$378.9 billion, followed by tunnels and bridges with US$324.6 billion.
China leads in all sectors but roads which is headed by India. The 13 countries have over 68% of the projects worth a total of US$1.96 trillion at the pre-construction stage.
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