Compatibility Issues between Norton Security Toolbar and Mozilla Firefox

If your Norton is not compatible with Mozilla Firefox web browser on your computer system, then you will hardly be able to use its toolbar and some other important features. Norton Identity Safe is the most affected tool in Norton in the case of incompatibility issue with the web browser.

This is a serious issue that you should never ignore any longer. Technical hurdles in using Norton Identity Safe can potentially lead you to some additional issues and online malware threats. You would better go for some reliable and stable resolutions to get rid of the serious problem for always. Most of the time, the incompatibility issue with Mozilla Firefox is largely addressed by updating the tools and installing new extensions.

Though the resolution doesn’t include any harsh procedures, however, you need to be careful and aware of some possible damages. In such conditions, you can make the best use of Norton support at official helpdesk as it brings up all the safe and secure troubleshooting procedures to help users resolve the issue.

On the other hand, Symantec has also taken a corrective move by introducing some useful extensions for the Norton Identity Safe. It is now available as a separate extension which is supposed to be more helpful and convenient. You can also install the latest update so as to avoid conventional issues with the extension.

It is worth noting the new updates for Norton toolbar extensions are available only for the latest Norton edition. It may be incompatible with the older version in some conditions. The detailed information can be accessed at

When it comes to accessing technicians at the helpdesk for some technical services, the official helpdesk emerges as the most convenient one. Though some other independent technicians are also offering the services through a toll-free Norton support phone number, including live chat window, but you should go for only experienced technicians.

If you go through the users’ experience at different Norton community pages, they all have given their approval to the new Norton security and its security extensions. They share how the extension helps them avoid possible online threats. But at the same time, they do also have penned down their bitter experiences with the technical hurdles with Norton security suite.

So there is no need to worry in case of any odd errors – simply head towards a reliable helpdesk and ask for a real-time customer help.

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