Common Misconceptions about IPL Laser Hair Removal

IPL laser hair removal continues to grow in popularity because it is quick, non-invasive, results are long-lasting and require minimal effort. Despite so many benefits it offers, there are still some misconceptions about this treatment. Here we will discuss some myths and reveal the truth so you can see for yourself why it’s the best hair removal option available.
Myth #1 – It’s Only for Women
No, it’s not, more and more men are undergoing this treatment option for removal of unwanted hair and rightly so. In these modern times, more men seem to be taking more interest in their appearance and excessive hair growth greatly affects their confidence and attractiveness. So they are looking for options that are fast and easier to get permanent hair removal. The treatment is done using IPL laser hair removal machines and treats a wide range of hair types.
Myth #2 – It is Painful
Not really, the sensation of IPL laser hair removal is like an elastic band snapping on your skin and it becomes more tolerable the more you have it done. People with sensitive skin may feel some discomfort and it also depends on the area being treated, the texture of hair and skin type. Avoid taking caffeine before the treatment as it will make your skin sensitive.
Myth #3 – It Gets Rid of All Hair
The effectiveness of the treatment depends on the person – the rate at which hair grows and the skin type. IPL laser targets hair at a particular point in the growth cycle and hair is at different cycles at different times, which is why it requires a few sessions to get rid of all hair. The good thing is that with this treatment you can achieve long lasting results than any other hair removal techniques. This makes it the best hair removal treatment option.
Myth #4 – It is for Everyone
It is said that IPL laser hair removal works best on people with light skin and dark hair, but it’s not that it won’t work for other hair colours and skin types. The best way to determine is to have a consultation with an expert.
These are some of the misconceptions that people have but knowing that it is safe and non-invasive you can go for the treatment, but ensure that the laser clinic you opted has the best quality IPL laser machine.
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