Color cosmetics: Changing paradigms

We link cosmetics with beauty. Cosmetics make us all pretty and beautiful. There is no doubt that cosmetics are meant to highlight our beauty in an excellent way. Gone are the days when cosmetic was just a highlighter and a lipstick. Now, cosmetics have seen an upgrade in every possible way. You can experiment with different colors and get the look that you desire.

Know about color cosmetics
Color cosmetics are an absolute rage among women. The whole and soul of every color cosmetic is its dye or colorant. The cosmetic colorants are the actual things that fill the beauty in cosmetics. These colorants accentuate the quality of the cosmetics and also ensure that the perfect color is achieved in just a single stroke of a brush.

Using dyes in cosmetics
Dyes have been widely used in cosmetic industry. Dyes provide the actual color required in the cosmetic products such as lipsticks, nailpaints, blusher, colorpalettes etc. Majorly, pigments are used in the cosmetic industry to produce and achieve a perfect color shade in the products. That’s what is important; getting the right color.

There are two types of pigments used in cosmetic industry:

1. Organic Pigments
2. Inorganic Pigments

Let us see majorly used Inorganic pigments in the cosmetic industry:

Pigments Features and applications

Iron Oxides

The three basic shades that we get include:

  • Black
  • Yellow
  • Red

This is widely used in liquid foundations, face powders, and blushers.

Chromium Dioxides

The shades that we get from this pigment include:

  • Dull olive green
  • Blue green
  • Bright green

This is widely used in most categories of cosmetic preparations but prohibited for use in lip products in the USA.


The shade range from:

  • Bright blue to violet
  • Pink
  • Green

The pigment is not allowed to use for producing lip products in the USA.

Manganese Violet

The only shade we get from this pigment is purple.

Iron Blue

The colour we get from this pigment is Dark blue.This pigment is used in a wide range of applications.

White Pigments include:

  • Titanium Dioxide
  • Zinc Oxide

The white pigments have a wide use in all various types of cosmetics.

They make extremely good covering power.

These are extremely stable to heat and light.


Mica gives a natural translucence when used as face powders and powder blushers.

There are numerous pigment manufacturers in India which specialize in various pigment colors. These manufacturers make sure that the pigments developed are of extremely good quality and provide intensive use in the cosmetic industry.

Are the Color dyes and pigments safe?

Yes, Colorants in the form of dyes and pigments are absolutely safe for all types of skin. These are tested thoroughly in the laboratories. It is also ensured that the products developed are usable and risk free.

Color Cosmetics have changed the way to enhance beauty.Everything can be given a stunning touch with the help of astounding color cosmetics. You just have to pick up your favorite one.

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