Chota Modi Version 0.1- India’s First Social Humanoid Robot Sensation

Ladies and Gentleman,there’s a new social humanoid robot in town.It’s name is Chota Modi Version 0.1. It weighs about 2 kg and is 2.8 feet tall. The robot was built by
Er.Danish Ibrahim at Unimax Software Solutions in The City Beautiful-Chandigarh. Chota Modi 0.1 is equipped with latest technology of sensors and speakers.There’s a more realistic reason as to why Chota Modi 0.1 could insinuate itself into our life’s very soon.

The robot which inventor Er.Danish Ibrahim took five years to design,fabricate & put
together was all made from parts manufactured and by Lego Bricks Technology in India for the rock-bottom price of Rs.1.5 lakh-2 lakh and has life-time warranty. Infact in the coming near future robots will be a very integral part of your life sooner rather than later.

Chota Modi 0.1 is here for all of you by providing you the best experiencing services you want in your daily lives like cleaning homes, cleaning restaurants, cleaning schools,
cleaning mills and of course the best evergreen service of teaching the students.

The robot can also give you relaxing moments by singing songs. Robotics bring together several very different engineering area and skills.The bodyof robot is of alluminium which is dust proof, water proof, heat proof.

While that’s great news for you and me. What does this mean for Chota Modi 0.1,the pint-sized India’s first social humanoid robot.

Talking more about its features the robot is highly capable of doing mathematical calculations and is capable of self-learning.There is mechanics for mounting 5 wheels on the
axles,connecting them to the motors and keeping the body in balance.

Chota Modi Ver 0.1 primarily meant for Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, a great approach of making India clean by Prime Minister Sh.Narendra Modi Ji, is a gift to India on to the mission to convert India into Swachh Bharat .

So here Er.Danish Ibrahim presenting you his first Indian Social Humanoid Robot Sensation Chota Modi 0.1.

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