Choose From Incredible Variety of Impact Resistant Safety Glasses

On the lookout for safety sunglasses? Reputed online suppliers of wholesale sunglasses offer them in different lens shapes and tints. Whether you need clear safety sunglasses, yellow lens driving glasses or dark tinted lens safety glasses, you can purchase them for cheap prices – as low as eighteen dollars per dozen.

Strong Impact Resistance

Ordinary sunglasses, even the wrap around styles, do not provide the superior level of eye protection that is required for workplace hazards. In fact, wearing them can lead to eye injury and even permanent vision loss. Construction workers, welders, plumbers, carpenters and those working in a dentist’s office need to wear safety glasses that provide superior protection against everyday impact hazards. Reliable online suppliers offer tinted lens safety glasses that are made from high quality impact resistance materials and equipped with 100% UV protection. While these sunglasses aid visibility in outdoor areas, they are also suitable for indoor use, especially in a dentist’s office.

Utilitarian Styles and Features

Tinted lens safety glasses are available in a wide variety of styles and lens shapes. Customers can choose from one-size-fits-all glasses to safety glasses with adjustable arms for a custom fit. They can also select from wrap around styles, slim and lightweight designs, designs featuring holes for looping neck straps and models with rubber tips. Safety glasses that have rubber tips on adjustable arms are slip resistant and provide a greater level of safety, especially for those who work outdoors. Tinted safety glasses look very stylish and provide superb eye protection against dust, grit and harmful substances. Users can confidently wear them for target practice, skeet shooting and for conducting dental exams.

Purchase from Reliable Wholesaler

Today, there is a greater awareness of the need to wear safety eyewear not just for blue collar work but also for tasks such as driving, working in your garage and more. Whether you’re an eyewear store owner or a distributor, you can never go wrong with your decision to purchase an assortment of safety glasses – provided you purchase from a reliable online supplier. There are many advantages to purchasing from an established supplier – you can be assured of quality products, you can find the latest trending designs and you can purchase these products at really cheap prices. Prices range from eighteen to twenty dollars for a set of a dozen pieces. These items are packaged in an attractive display box for safe transportation. If you want to be doubly sure of product quality, order a sample pack of assorted safety glasses before making a large purchase.

Make the world a safer place to work in – purchase safety eyewear in bulk!

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