Child centric education—V.5

Every child is unique. Each child is blessed with different strengths, challenged by different weaknesses, and driven by different passions. Societies truly flourish only when they recognize and appreciate this fact. Mothers remain the most personalized, and therefore, the most successful educational institutions. They go by observation, instincts, interaction, and most of all believe tremendously in their children.

Our educational institutions need to emulate mothers at a broader level. The Birla School (Hyderabad)–Open Minds does just that. Research, adaptation, and implementation have led ‘Open Minds’ to make this educational re-orientation. ‘Open Minds’ gives back children their centrality in learning.

With age the child’s facets and complexities grow. More than one person is required to track the child’s growth path. The V.5 system introduced by the ‘Open Minds’ serves the purpose adequately. It constitutes parents, class teacher, subject teacher, HOD resource, and academic coordinator as the five mentors with the child at the centre. Attention, supervision, and guidance are offered to students on a five-to-one basis. Thus, each child is carefully monitored and nurtured to become an individual who can function optimally and harmoniously in the society. That should indeed be the goal of any education system.

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