Cheapest Taxi Service In London

London! The very first thing that arrives in our mind as soon as we think of the city is its rich history.  Its royal image is the main attraction for a number of tourists from all around the globe. Not only its history, but its present lifestyle including its love and passion for football and cricket is undoubtedly very much appreciated.

There are many reasons behind the desire of the travellers to travel to London. It can be for an exotic vacation or can it be for watching the royal architecture of the city. Some can even consider watching Chelsea Fc vs. Manchester United derby match live in the stadium, hence decides to travel to London. Or it is also possible that you are a resident of the city and you are willing to attend the Ashes test at Lord’s but facing a problem regarding appropriate vehicle. The taxi that you just called is providing you the journey in a rate that would deduct the budget you had for buying the tickets for the match. Well, you must not worry much as this article would make everything regarding the cheap taxi fares clear to you.

In the city, London there is basically two types of taxi available at your service. The black London taxi and the minicabs are the cars that are available. Minicabs are the cars you can hire for your travelling at your will. They are also known as the private hire vehicles. On the other hand, the black taxies are found at streets and can be hired as per the will of the rider. The difference between these two types of cars is that in case of the minicabs the rate of travelling will be discussed and finalized before the trip starts while the black London taxies runs on a meter. The rate of your trip would be decided on the score on the meter box. If compared, the rates of the minicabs are relatively less than that of the black taxis, as they charge a moderate rate depending upon the average distance you are travelling. Whether you are a resident of London or you are planning to fly to London, you can book the cabs online or through a call. If you are about to travel from the airport to your destination and do not have the idea about the road to travel on, the cabs can be helpful for you.

Booking a taxi in London is cheap and the main feature is that you won’t have to pay any advance fees for booking. With the drastic increase in the number of automobiles, the traffic is increasing as well. Population is also on the high road. Therefore, often do we face the problem of getting a taxi during the hour of need. Often, do we keep waiting for hours and suddenly we get a cab asking for double amount of fare. Such an undesired situation can be easily avoided by booking the cheap taxi services available in the city. All you need is to make a call and the cab would come to pick you up. Have a safe and comfortable journey! For more details please  visit

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