Champion Sports Table Tennis

Champion sports tennis table is one of the most flexible tennis table with compact design that can make virtually any table or surface into a ping pong table which is easy to store and take anywhere. It is made by renown company named Champion Sports and marketed by Amazon.

It can be attached to any surface area or table top which is measuring and 1.75″ (4.4cm) inches thick and 75″ (190.5cm) inches wide by expandable or retractable net with long-term and lightweight mesh netting, two posts, two paddles, three table tennis balls and mesh storage bag which can fit onto almost any flat surface.

This table tennis set is well made and adaptable. It fits tables with slight and thick wood (over an inch and a quarter) that is enjoyed by children and adults. It was strong enough to retain its shape! The portability is enormously useful and different metal screw-on sets the strong level plastic ends have not scratched or harmed the table.

It fits on our dining room table easily with no damage to the table. This set can impress so far with the quality and the price. For under $20 it provides hours of family fun and entertainment. You can gift this table tennis set as a surprise. It’s a great product to gift and everyone loves this product to take as a gift.

Not only it is the sturdiest table tennis net, but also it has the easiest and quickest net installation and if installed as a permanent net to a ping pong table, it would require true intent to end up breaking this thing. And if left on the same table, the wear and tear should be kept to an absolute minimum. Constant removal of the net may contribute to some eventual loss in retraction function.

This is surprising well made and works great. The fence opens up as expected and taunt stays enough for play. It worked great on our table. The paddles are obviously cheap but serve their purpose and are usable. The balls however are terrible and overall it’s a good product.

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