Ceiling Removal- Texture or Popcorn?

The decision to try ceiling removal is not something most people hop into without any kind of forethought.
There are benefits and drawbacks to consider before making a choice to either keep that popcorn ceiling or scrape it off and replace it with some form of wall texture.

I’ve attempted to cover the main issues here to help you create the decision best for your situation.

THE benefits of Acoustic Removal

–    The money: Broward popcorn removal usually escalates the value and marketability of your house, sometimes considerably. A textured ceiling is by most thoughts far more attractive and buyers can pay for what they like.

–    Removal reduces the nesting places for pests such as particles mites and spiders. If you ask me, it is much more likely than never to see spider webs on close study of an older acoustic ceiling.

–    Because the rough acoustic ceiling surface tends to capture light and produce a shadowing effect swapping with modern knockdown or similar structure can make the area seem much brighter and even more open.

–    The new ceiling can be decorated the same colour as the walls or a different colour if you wish. You aren’t stack with an “acoustic white” or one of the colours of yellowish tends to turn over the years.

–    Cleaning the dirt and mud that accumulates around ceiling vents and ceiling fans is hard without detrimental and/or creating chaos of acoustic kernels with an acoustic ceiling.

The Drawbacks of Acoustic Ceiling Removal

–    The money: Taking away a popcorn ceiling, mending the drywall, making use of texture, priming and lastly painting can be quite expensive if done by a contractor.

–    Sometimes acoustic is applied because that gnarly feel hides harm. Hidden drywall damage usually means more time needed from the crew’s drywall patch experts, along with additional materials which of course equals additional money out of your pocket.

–    The process to remove popcorn Ft Lauderdale can be considered a great deal of work if done by you.
There’s a great deal of information out there online to help show you through the procedure. Actually, our site, miamipopcornremoval.net, has a systematic manual on the procedure. Removal is hard work that will require a certain level of skill, skill that only comes with experience. Before taking on the removal of an entire home, I highly suggest you begin by doing a tiny bedroom or office to size up what you’re getting into. Many mistakes in covering the drywall or making use of the texture will never be seen before car paint is applied and has dried.

–    Some popcorn/acoustic ceilings contain asbestos. When your ceiling has asbestos above the threshold level you are required to follow a state and local laws and regulations regarding pop corn removal contractors and removal of this dangerous waste product.

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