Cash Back Shopping – How You Are Spending 5k Extra Every Month

Imagine you go to a marketplace and buy some groceries, fruits, etc. Do you just pay whatever the vendor asks? Nah, I don’t think so. You try to bargain. Try to get the price down as much as you can. You try to get as much discount as possible. Now imagine you go to a supermarket. Do you just go to any supermarket and spend money where there is no discount, or do you prefer going to a supermarket where you get a discount? Or even if there is a discount, do you not prefer getting more discount? You want your cash back. It is not only you, but everyone wants to spend less and save more. Because it is your hard earned money and the more you save, the more it is good for you.

But, when you do online shopping, there is no such benefit of bargaining and you may not get a discount. Even if you get a discount, you may not get it on your desired product or the discount may be very less. Now, what to do? You can’t spend your money without getting a discount and spending money without getting a discount is not called saving. This is where we come into the picture to help you.

We call ourselves as ‘Savemonk’. We help you save your money when you do online shopping by giving you cashback. And the cashback which we give is above all default store discounts and offers. How it all works is,

  • You go to our website or download our app Savemonk.
  • You login/signup.
  • Now you select your desired online shopping platform on our website or app.
  • Go shopping and buy whatever you
  • Leave the rest to us and we will take care of it.


We have our unique and accurate tracking software which automatically tracks your transaction with our partner sites within 24 hours (best in the industry) and you will be credited your cashback in your account on our website or app, which you can either transfer to your bank account or get a mobile recharge or even use it for shopping later. And how we give you cashback is that we are associated with over 200 stores and they pay us a commission for every transaction we drive to their website and most of this commission we receive is given back to you in the form of cashback.

We want you to not only save shopping offline but also want you to save more when you shop online. This is what we are and this is what we do.  We just want to help you to save more and anyone can save their money on Savemonk.

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