Carpet Cleaning Company Insurance – Do you Really Need it?

As a homeowner, we are pretty sure that you get to hire people for carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and another professional carpet cleaning around the house. Are you aware that cleaning insurance is an important thing? Who would have thought you’d even need insurance for something as insignificant as cleaning? Insurance is a boring topic, but it is something that you shouldn’t miss when you are signing up for professional carpet cleaning services as well as other cleaning services around the house. You can imagine a scenario like this: You hired a professional carpet cleaning company and everything seems to go well. After the carpet cleaning session, you notice a bald spot on your carpet, or a huge tear, or a discoloration on your upholstery. What will you do? This can happen when you make a deal with a carpet cleaner who does not have extensive experience although it can also happen with someone who is experienced enough, the probability is albeit lowered.

You will, of course, contact the person who did your carpet cleaning. The person will probably tell you not to worry because his or her liability insurance company will take care of it. You will then later find out that the liability insurance won’t be covering the damages. Some legit professional carpet cleaning companies may pay for the damages using their own funds but this situation is not so common. You might end up having to pay thousands of dollars to get the issue fixed.

What Should You Do To Avoid Going Through This Kind of Carpet Cleaning Issue?

First of all, before you even sign up for their services, know what their insurance policy entails. Make sure to do this before the carpet cleaning services have been rendered, like when you are getting a quotation for their services. When assessing the carpet cleaning services deals that they are offering,  you will have a chance to find out more about the company and ask questions. You need to make sure that they have the right carpet cleaning insurance cover. If you can get this information in writing, make sure to do so. The professional carpet cleaning company must offer the liability insurance and the treatment risk insurance. Treatment risk insurance covers damages on your items that are damaged during the carpet cleaning process and treatment.

Remember that most liability insurance policies do not cover this risk. This is the reason why you need to make sure that your professional carpet cleaning company has a second insurance that covers the risks properly. Without the treatment risk insurance, you will be at risk of spending more than what you signed up for. Carpet repair or replacements after a bad carpet cleaning service can be quite expensive. Replacing your couch because the upholstery of your current one has been damaged can also cost you a lot of money. You have been warned. Make the right choice when you choose a carpet cleaning company to hire.

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