Career Options after Bachelor’s Degree in Travel and Tourism

Travel and tourism is a fast moving and dynamic industry which has seen a tremendous growth in the number of travel and tourism companies in India. The industry has to regularly shape and re-align itself to meet the needs of today’s customers. If you are passionate about travel and tourism industry, like interacting with people and offering them with quality service, then you might be interested in studying to earn a bachelor’s degree in travel and tourism management.

The degree encompasses much more than hotels, tourist destinations and entertainment facilities. It teaches candidates about marketing, management and much more. The bachelor of travel and tourism program provides the candidates with the fundamental knowledge of the travel and tourism industry and prepares them for exciting jobs in this area. With a bachelor of travel and tourism degree or diploma under the belt, candidates learn the management and business principles of travel and tourism in all forms, such as luxury, ecotourism and sustainable business practices. Bachelor’s degree in travel and tourism program integrates courses in hospitality, business and tourism, social and physical sciences and the humanities.

Career options
Bachelor in travel and tourism degree programs can lead candidates to a number of career opportunities. Some of the key career options available to them are as follows:

  • Hotels –Hospitality industry is a service industry requiring a large amount of manpower with a vast variety of skills. Hotel provides career opportunities in its various departments like front office, operations, accounting, engineering, sales, security, public relations, housekeeping, food and beverages etc.
  • Airlines –Working in airlines is another exciting option for several students these days. You can work as counter staff, reservation staff, airhostess, sales and marketing staff, customer services and traffic assistance etc.
  • Tourism department – There are jobs as sales and marketing staff, tour guides, tour planners and reservation and counter staff in the tourism departments.
  • Tour operators – There are many organizations operating tours for domestic and international tourists. These companies require a lot of tour operators for selling the concept and for managing the stay and travel of the tourists.
  • Transport –Besides airlines, some of the key travel facilities include coach operators, rail services and car hire companies etc.
  • Travel agencies – Many travel groups and resorts use travel agents for promoting their tour packages to travelers. These people deal with almost everything concerned with travel including travel mode, suitable place to stay, tourist attractions to visit, client’s preferences, shortest route to the destination and special needs etc.

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