Car Diagnostic Tool-Determine why your Check Engine Light is On

If you are driving a car and suddenly your check engine light gets on, then it might be a serious issue. Some people are lucky that the problem is not so severe, and they manage to drive back home safely, but they need to fix the issue as soon as possible. There are several reasons for this problem and identifying the same is not easy.

Here are some common reasons that are majorly behind this issue-

  • Loose or damaged gas cap is the simplest and often experienced reason behind the problem of check engine light is on. The solution for this is also cheaper, as it can be fixed with a maximum of $30 with a local auto mechanic.
  • The oxygen sensor can be at fault. This sensor is responsible for measuring the amount of fuel burnt and will let you know if it is right, or inadequate.
  • When the catalytic converter has an issue, again, check engine light is on can be faced. But this is the most expensive one and can cost more than $2000. This is, in fact, a serious issue.
  • Another simple problem can be with the spark plug. It too can be set right within $20 if you do it yourself.

But how would you be able to identify the problem unless you are into automobile mechanism? This is where the role of car diagnostics device comes in. Here are things these devices would do for you.

It reads the problem

These diagnostic tools are available for less than $60 in all leading supermarkets.  They are very basic to use, and they help in reading the OBD reader. If you think that investing in this device might cost you a lot, then you must think twice. Even taking the car to the mechanic in the neighborhood will charge you more than $70. Moreover, you can also help your family and friends if they needed it later.

The codes are scanned

At times there might be problems beyond your little knowledge about the cars. When you find problem starting up any fine day, and staying consistent, look at the car diagnostics tool, and you will find a code appearing on it. For this, you have to press the scan option. When you get a code, all you need to do is to search online to find what it might mean. A simple google search in any browser offers the best answers. If you want accurate answers, you need to key in the name of your vehicle too, for instance, BMW X1 P0456.

When you have found what the code is all about, you will find what part has to be fixed or replaced. You might also have additional tips available for you online. Later you can go to your dealership as they have more advanced diagnostic tools that can help you in knowing the problem more accurately. When the part to be replaced is found, get it done immediately so that you would not stand in the mid of the road with no help.

After your problem is fixed, you would be asked by the tool, if the code can be erased. Go ahead and erase it.

These diagnostic tools can help you save a lot of money if you go to the dealership to get the part replaced as it is under warranty rather than sending your car to a local mechanic for checking and fixing the issue.


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