Brother Embroidery Machines

Brother is one of the foremost companies in the world when it comes to sewing and embroidery machines. Especially, in the embroidery category, Brother has a number of impressive machines lined up to suit the needs of all kinds of customers. To the layman however, most of these machines might seem alike. But the truth is that they are all differentiated by subtle and unique features.


This article discusses some of the most prominent Brother sewing machines. The model Brother SE270D is considered to be the most economical of all embroidery machines in the market, also making therefore, the most sought-after embroidery machines. The Brother SE270D is a computerized embroidery machine. It comes with 97 in-built embroidery designs. The ‘D’ in this machine’s model number stands for ‘Disney’, which is why approximately 27 of the 97 in-built designs have been inspired from Disney world and characters. The machine is also equipped with as many as 98 different stitching functions. Yet another distinguishing feature of this Brother embroidery machine is that it has a new quick-load thread cassette system, which is exclusive to this company. Under this system, the user only has to place a spool of thread into the cassette and then insert the cassette into the machine. Just by doing this, the machine gets threaded automatically, a far cry from the unwieldy and complicated method of threading the machine followed previously. The machine is also fitted with numerous other embroidery pattern designs.

Another example of a good embroidery machine is the model Brother SE350. This machine is said to be a high-end item in the Brother embroidery machines category. Although the machine has 98 stitching functions just like the SE270D model, this particular embroidery machine also comes fitted with 67 in-built stitches, and 70 in-built embroidery patterns. Other than that, this machine has a push-button automatic thread cutter, and a built-in slot that enables the user of this machine to play around with thousands of other embroidery patterns and designs. The SE350 is also fitted with an LCD screen, so the user can actually see the results of his or her handiwork as the embroidery progresses.

The third well-known Brother embroidery machine is the PE700. This machine only has a 5”x7” embroidery area. This machine has a whopping 136 different in-built embroidery designs. These designs also include variations such as floral embroidery patterns, scrolls, and also patterns for quilts.

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