Brand Value of an Engineering School is Important

Engineering has occupied a place of pride in India and the world when it comes to the popularity of undergraduate professional degrees. In fact, engineering has always been one of the most prestigious and sought after degrees in the entire world.  A degree with a lot of respect and social acceptability, engineering is often considered to be a golden ticket to a high flying career with all the right perks and privileges thrown in.  A degree in engineering from reputable engineering schools can give your career an entirely new and respectful dimension as you prepare to start your life as a professional known for bringing in revolutionary changes and making the world a better place to live for one and all. The knowledge, skills and experience gained at top of the line engineering schools will help you enjoy a high-flying and highly creative career as an engineer.

The demand for qualified engineers has reached an unprecedented level and not without a solid reason. An engineer’s vision, problem solving abilities and his technical excellence makes him an integral part of an organization. Modern firms operating in a highly competitive market require the services of competent engineers to maintain their competitive edge in the marketplace.

However, despite the high popularity and demand for knowledgeable engineers, the data about high engineering unemployment rates in India comes across as a huge anomaly.  People will naturally wonder about the high unemployment rate of engineers when there is such a huge demand for them in the marketplace.  You will be left scratching your head in bewilderment if you are told that a very miniscule percentage of engineers passing out from different engineering institutes spread across the length and breadth of the country manage to find a well-paying meaningful job. The reason for this strange phenomenon though is pretty simple if you look at the entire process from a different angle. Engineering, in fact, like many other popular professional courses follow a simple rule—the worth of an engineering degree is more or less directly proportional to the institute from which it has been obtained.

In other words the difference between fulfilling all your dreams of a high flying career as an engineer or perpetual struggle for livelihood post your engineering education is the quality of the institute.  Top  engineering colleges in Rajasthan  or for that matter any other Indian state offer excellent academic environment and very good placement opportunities.  Inferior quality institutes on the other end give you a degree that does not enjoy a reputation for excellence in the market.  You will be often left to look for a job on your own as reputable recruiters wary of their teaching and poor quality of their faculty are extremely reluctant to visit their campuses.

In fact, as far as an engineering degree is concerned, there is no middle of the ground approach here. Everything is in black or white here: an engineering degree can catapult you to an astral plane or it may not be worth the paper it is printed on.  In the end your engineering degree is as good as the brand value and reputation of your engineering school. It is precisely the reason it is suggested that careful research about an engineering school should precede admission. You would do your purpose great service by making a quality list of B. tech colleges in Jaipur. It will help you narrow down your choices and make the entire selection process simpler and more fruitful.

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