Boating with children: Tips to keep them safe while on board.

If you love travelling on board a boat, then you may love getting the chance to experience it with your loved ones, especially with your lover and children. Boating with babies and toddlers is a great challenge, but the rewards are really worth it.

Here are top five tips to help you experience this for yourself.

5 tips for stress-free and safe boating with your baby

Note that the USCG (U.S. Coast Guard) requires you to wear lifejackets when your boat is underway. Just like any other people on board the boat, make sure your child has a proper lifejacket. Given the USCG prescribes that an infant should be at least 18 pounds to have their lifejacket fit appropriately, you shouldn’t bring them on the water before they hit that point. Notice that all infant’s lifejackets have supplementary head cushion conceived to provide extra protection and to keep kid’s head of the water.

Whether it’s when you’re dropping anchor, docking or in some case of emergency, you need to designate a secure and protected area on your boat. This will help you to seat the baby without the risk of them to moving around or falling. You’ll have a solution before this type of circumstance happens.

If you plan to travel with babies on board a boat, always bring a pack-n-play or a portable rocker with you. This will give you a great place to put down your child and assist with creating that safe area on your boat.

To prevent your little one from overheating or being sick when you’re miles away from the port, supply some shade to block the sun and keep a portion of your boat cool. You can also bring an extra beach umbrella or a sun hat to give your baby another coat of protection.

Stock up on your diaper bag the essentials such as water, food, juice, baby formula, waterproof diapers, and pacifiers, not forgetting sunscreen and whatever else you think will be useful for the day.

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