Big Data Simplified in the Easy Way

What’s Hadoop and why it’s a buzzing word these days? Looking for a reliable Hadoop Institute in Delhi? Want to get a quick insight on what actually is Hadoop and in which cases is it used before taking Hadoop training in Delhi? If yes, stick with us and keep reading.

Consider a scenario in which a bank whether global or national has more than 100 million customers who are undertaking billions of transactions each and every month.

Now consider the second situation in which an e-commerce site tracks customer’s behavior and then presents services and products accordingly. Doing all these things through traditional manner isn’t easy and cost-efficient as well.

This is where big data comes into play. Here we are going to introduce you to the world of Hadoop. It has come handy when one deals with great chunks of data. It may not make the whole process faster, but it allows you to use parallel processing ability to handle the big data. In a nutshell, it gives us the ability to deal with complexities that come with high volume, velocity and variety of data.

Do not forget to take a note that, besides Hadoop there are some other platforms like NoSQL, MongoDB too.

Hadoop overview

It’s a complete eco system of open source projects which puts forth a framework to tackle big data. Let’s take a look at some possible challenges or hurdles of dealing with big amounts of data on traditional framework and then resorting to the Hadoop for a solution.

Here is a list of challenges when dealing with enormous or big data-

  • First of all enormous time taken.
  • If there is long query, let’s think of a situation when an error occurs at the last step. It will be the wastage of time making such iterations.
  • There will be difficulty in building program query.

Here is the solution provided by Hadoop-

There is high capital investment in obtaining a server with big processing ability. The Hadoop clusters work on common or normal commodity hardware and create copies to make sure there will be the reliability of data in terms of loss. Hadoop can help you connect a maximum 4500 machines together.

Time taken which is enormous.Well the process is broken down into small bits and executed in the same scenario hence it saves time. Hadoop can process a maximum of 25 petabyte data single handly.

If you have to write long query and an error occurs right at the end, there is no need to waste time as Hadoop builds back up data sets on every level. It also executes queries of duplicate data to avoid any sort of process loss if a failure arrives. This makes Hadoop processing not only precise but accurate. .


There is no need to worry if you’re building program query. Hadoop queries are simple and feel like coding in any language. You just have to change the way of thinking while building a query to initiate parallel processing.

Hadoop works as project manager and people manger works. The bottom is reserved for machines which are arranged parallel. These are analogous to every contributor. Every machine features a data node which is also called HDFS and Task Tracker which is known as map reducer.

The entire set of data is contained in the node and the Task Tracker is responsible for doing all operations. Let’s consider a scenario in which task tracker is your leg and arms which help you do certain task and your brain as data node that helps you process and retains data. These machines work in silos and hence it becomes important to coordinate them through a job tracker. Job tracker makes it like every operation is completed and in case there is a process failure on any node, then it has to assign a copy task to some task tracker. It also divides the entire task to all the machines.

A name node on the contrary directs all the data nodes.  It looks after the distribution of data which is going to each machine. It also looks after any kind of purging that has taken place on any machine. If any kind of such purging takes place it goes for the duplicate data that was sent to other data node and copies it once again.

So here we are with how big data Hadoop creates a friendly environment and eases all tasks. You can take big data courses in Delhi with Hadoop Training in Gurgaon or choosing a Hadoop Institute in Noida. The future is bright when you enroll for big data courses.


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