Best Sewing Shears

There are a number of items that can make quilting easier and fun. You can look for these items online, in department stores, in quilt or craft shops. Though not all are required, having them at your disposal is always convenient.


For creating templates and cutting fabric and cardboard with a knife or rotary cutter, metal-edged rulers will come in handy.


Metre rulers can be used with a pair of setsquares to cut straight lengths of fabric.


To measure right angles, use setsquares. Setsquares are used with metre rulers to cut the fabric.


For measuring the fabric lengths, tape measures are used as they are flexible tools for measuring.


A pair of compasses can be utilized for drawing circles.


For making temporary marks on the fabric, you can use a vanishing marker. They fade when water makes contact with it.


The dressmaker’s wheels are used to mark fabric directly. The chalk can be brushed off.


Shears and dressmaker’s scissors can be used for cutting the fabric alone.


For cutting paper, paper scissors can be used.


Embroidery scissors are sharp, small and usually decorative scissors that can be used to trim fabric and cut thread in quilting.


Pinking shears contain serrated blades. They prevent fraying and are used for creating decorative edges.


For cutting mats, rotary cutters are utilized. They can cut multiple pieces of exactly same size, at the same time. There are different sizes in which rotary cutters are available. For cutting curves and few fabric layers, small cutters are the best. For cutting multiple layers simultaneously, large cutters are ideal. They also cut long straight lines.


Cutting mats are used especially with rotary cutters. They help in protecting the blade and the table top. Printed grid mats are helpful in cutting right angles.

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