Best Result For Detangling Hair Wet Or Dry

Detangling hair can be a chore. The Detangle Brush by Gloss & Toss provides gentle results to provide best results as a detangler tool. Not only is the brush great for detangling hair, it works very well for daily brushing and styling, salon treatments, hair and scalp treatments, and we recommend our Hair & Scalp Healing Oil as part of your beauty routine for maintaining healthy hair and scalp. We recommend using the Detangle Brush by Gloss & Toss as part of your daily beauty routine, and for detangling hair to keep it optimally healthy and stress-free. Some unique features about our Detangle brush include a lightweight design, 170 ultra-flexible bristles so it helps detangle hair more smoothly and comfortably, a breathable cushion base, comfort grip handle, and stand-up design to allow the brush to dry after use if needed. Customers often buy a few of these brushes to keep with them whether at home, at the gym, at work, or in the car. Light enough to bring with you and keep hair looking great throughout the day.
Gloss & Toss Detangle Brush is a gentle detangling hair brush also great for daily brushing and styling for all hair types. Provides optimal results and care when used on a routine basis to keep hair smooth, tangle free, and healthy. The Detangle Brush has a light-weight design and is being called a must-have for every beauty routine. 170 durable and flexible bristles help reduce tension on hair and provide a wide variety of styling options for all hair types. Also great to use for hair & scalp treatments. Customers love this brush and salon professionals use our Detangle Brush for a variety of services in the salon setting including treatments for hair, general brushing, and of course detangling. Say good-bye to painful, time consuming detangling and brushing and enjoy the results of the light-weight, easy to use Gloss & Toss Detangle Brush

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