Best Practices Of UI & UX Design To Retain Users


Do you want to retain potential users by developing an effective UI/UX design of your mobile app? If yes, then read this blog and get an idea which practices are best to follow in order to retain customers.

According to a report, 77% of users stop using an app within the first three days after download. What can be the cause of their soon exit? The answer is following wrong UI/UX practices. There are several lifestyle applications designed for the users to use in their leisure time. Now the challenge is how to develop an ideal user experience design for your mobile app. With the help of below-mentioned practices, you can turn your app into users’ favourite.

  • Create A Positive First Impression: The ultimate goal of the UI/UX design of your app should let your users feel that they are a valuable asset for your business. You should ensure that the users must get a positive vibe when they first time visit your mobile app. Design the signup/login features as easy and seamless as possible. You might be required to gather customers’ information during the onboarding phase. It can be a frustrating process, but you can design it cleverly. Only ask the questions which are absolutely essential and allow your users to skip steps associated to the questions having less value. If you need an authentication code, then never email it, but send it through a text so that the users’ engagement with your interface should not get interrupted. Craft a user-friendly and simple interface which will encourage users to browse your app further. Do not overload your mobile app with a lot of test tutorials, but incorporate visual cues which will make the users understand the functioning of your app in an interesting way.
  • Build A Feedback Loop: Research and create feedback loops in your app in order to keep users hooked on to your app. One such example of creating loops using motion design can help the users to understand what’s going on with the help of visible signs and symbols. In this, you use motion to reinforce every action of your user. For example, Apple’s “horizontal shake” is one of the best examples of negative feedback loops. When you enter the wrong password on your iPhone the popup window “shakes” back and forth. This motion gives the users an instant understanding of the problem. Each step of your app should be crystal clear to the users. Users will get frustrated if they will not be able to understand every step they take on your app. It will push them either to delete the app or stop using it.
  • Redesign Or Tweak: You can begin with MVP (minimum viable product) as a strategy for gaining critical feedback in the early and most crucial phases of the development of your mobile app. Users will not generally give reviews when your app works fine. But in case of any glitch, you will surely get critical comments. You should tweak your app on the basis of these reviews. Do not try to redesign the UI/UX design of your app completely unless there is some serious issue. It is because you will lose your customer base if you do this. Despite this fact Target, Harley-Davidson and even Apple are a few big brands which have successfully undergone complete rebranding. Users might complaint about these tweaks initially but later on they will get adapted to it because these modifications will give a smooth experience to them only.

A great UI/UX design will let your mobile app thrive and flourish successfully. You can get in touch with Arkenea, who is among the top Mobile App Development Companies in Silicon Valley and follow the above practices and design an exceptional user experience design of your app. In case you want to develop UX of your nest mobile app then hire an experienced UI/UX design agency.

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