Best Place where women Great Bruna Tavares Batom

It’s been a while since I was about to record a video about most commented Maquiagem Dailus of the moment, and I took advantage of the new colors from my dear partner cosmetics enchant and stopped postponing this videos.

It is far the most important part to. When people speak to you. They are looking at your eyes. What are your eyes telling the world about you? Here, I will break down this beauty procedure for you, so you can really put your best face forward.

Bruna Tavares Batom is bad word to some women, but it doesn’t have to be. You just start at the inner lid and smooth your way to the outer edge. Try to get as close to lash line as possible.

Once you have nice line, you can play with the outer edge portion separately. You can create more dramatic look by sweeping the liner up and out about two centimeters on each side.

Use a large shadow brush to sweep your color across the lower lid. Don’t put anything on the upper lid, leave it looking natural. Another dab on outer corner of eye lid. Mascara must even if you don’t do any of above. It illuminates the eyes making face features more prominent. It is the trick to start at lower lash line and move the brush and forth before bringing it up through lashes.

Tracta Maquiagem now sells a liquid liner that is like a magic marker with pointed felt tip. It is very easy to use. If you mess up on your eye liner use your pointer finger to smudge downward on the area that is uneven.

A loose shadow powder will stay on better and will not set in the creases like pressed powder will. To many eye shadow colors for your day look can be pain, and appear unnatural. White shadow looks good on all women makes everything. If we used our mascara as mini pump before in an effort to get liquid on brush. This method will cause more clumping and make your mascara not last as long. Just twist the brush a few times, before pulling it out and repeat before going to next eye.

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