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Tru-Form engineers is a one of the leading manufacturer and suppliers of Cast Iron & Ductile Iron flange pipes in India with a standing of more than 30 years in the industry. With a wide range of products, superior quality & timely services, Tru-Form engineers have come to be recognized as a true mark of quality in flanged piping.

Tru-Form Engineers essentially deals in piping for infrastructure projects related to:-

•              Water treatment & supply

•              Sewage treatment & disposal

•              Effluent treatment, Water Retaining Structures, Pump House

Tru-Form engineers pioneered screwed flange piping way back in 1980 & have never looked back since. It’s in fact the oldest existing BIS Licensee in India for Cast Iron Centrifugally Cast Double Flange pipes conforming to IS:1536. Later on with advance in technology, we have started manufacturing of Ductile Iron Centrifugally Cast Screwed Flange & Welded Flange pipes in size range from 80-1000 mm Dia. Before 1980’s flanged pipes manufacturing had been generally restricted to a un-organized sector in India & is still prevalent in many parts of the country. In view of the importance of piping in Public Health Sector, Tru-Form engineers pioneered the manufacturing of these Cast Iron Screwed flanged pipes in an organized way catering to the requirement of quality conscious customers. Tru-Form has its own cast iron spun pipes division under its group. The spun pipes are manufactured utilizing De lavaud Process.

Over the years Tru-Form engineers have developed best manufacturing processes & practices and its quality has been appreciated all over so much that we are recognized as “The Masters of Centrifugally Cast Screwed Flange Piping”.

Our Commitment:

Tru-Form engineers are committed to providing piping solution in Cast Iron & Ductile Iron for various application needs & conforming to various national/international standards under its range.

We are committed to providing customized piping products true to their form as per agreed specifications.

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