Best Ear Plugs for Swimming

Many people who swim are prone to ear infections, or get water blocking their ears. To prevent either of these, a set of ear plugs for Swimming is a good solution. All watertight ear plugs will keep water out. The top choices are the plunger style that inserts into the ear and the molded cap that fits in the outer ear. To prevent an outer or middle ear infection, keeping water out is the key.
Common Pitfalls

Allergies or a cold or sinus issues can cause problems for swimmers by blocking water from leaving the middle ear. Water that remains in the middle ear can cause a painful ear infection called swimmers ear.

All ear plugs for Swimming will block out the water to some extent, but some can cause wax to be pushed deeper into the ear, blocking the opening, and causing temporary hearing loss. Swimmers may have to change the type of ear plugs for Swimming that they use, from the plunger style to the molded kind, to prevent wax blockage. If you wear ear plugs frequently, irrigating the ear canal will keep wax from building up in the ear.
Where to Buy
ear plugs for Swimming are sold at drugstores or superstores such as Walmart. These stores carry both the plunger type and the molded wax plugs. Drugstores also carry noise blocking ear plugs that are not designed to be waterproof. All ear plugs for Swimming will state that they are waterproof on the package. Websites such as, for swimming and for activities such as shooting or playing music.

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