Best blow-dry serum and hair shine serum

Gloss & Toss Shine is a blow-dry serum for hair that delivers the best results when blow-drying hair.  It helps to speed up blow-dry time, fight frizz & humidity, control unruly ends and give hair an extra moisture boost. This red carpet product was used behind the scenes of Hollywood until the brand added more products including Dry Shampoo, Flex-Spray Hairspray, Hair & Scalp Healing Oil, it’s ever-popular Detangle Brush and so much more.  Clients around the world love using Gloss & Toss Hair Products for their hair and many leading hair stylists in Hollywood use it for their work in top Hollywood sets.  For best results, apply our signature Shine product to hair after you shampoo & condition, and brush through with our Detangle Brush for smoother silkier results in your hair.  Both items can be purchased online at our website by visiting or visiting our Amazon store.

Gloss & Toss Detangle Brush is a gentle detangling hair brush also great for daily brushing and styling for all hair types. Provides optimal results and care when used on a routine basis to keep hair smooth, tangle free, and healthy. The Detangle Brush has a light-weight design and is being called a must-have for every beauty routine. 170 durable and flexible bristles help reduce tension on hair and provide a wide variety of styling options for all hair types. Also great to use for hair & scalp treatments. Customers love this brush and salon professionals use our Detangle Brush for a variety of services in the salon setting including treatments for hair, general brushing, and of course detangling. Say good-bye to painful, time consuming detangling and brushing and enjoy the results of the light-weight, easy to use Gloss & Toss Detangle Brush.

Hair smoothing serum for frizz-free results, smooth silky hair, quicker blow-dry time,  and more! This light-weight hair serum is is loved by clients and salon professionals for blow-drying and styling hair. SHINE also works well for wash and wear looks and as a smoothing or finishing serum. Say good-bye to heavy, greasy hair serums that weigh hair down and say hello to light-weight results, smooth tresses, and hair that says “come touch me.”

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