Best 12 differences between SEO and SMO

   Best 12 differences between SEO and SMO


What is SEO?


SEO is stands for search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is a set of  techniques and tactics to increase the amount of visitors(traffic) to a website by getting high page ranks in the search engine result pages(SERP), including Google, Bing, Yahoo and plenty of search engines.

SEO make sure that people who are looking for the products or services that you offer, or information relevant to your industry, search engine find your site over any other your competitor’s site.


What is SMO?


Social media optimization (SMO) is the process of increasing the awareness of a product, brand or event by using a number of social media outlets and communities to generate viral publicity.

SMO enhance your company’s presence and online reputation through interactive communities such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and many more.

Also blogs, forums, and anywhere your business is mentioned or linked to socially

matters a lot.

Working with SMO help in strengthening brand and boost visibility online as well as also generate leads in market.


Today there are three main ways people might find your business:

  1. Your company comes up early in search engine results(SERP)
  2. Someone recommends you to them, or
  3. They’ve heard of your company and seek you out


Lets check out the differences between the SEO and SMO




Short for~ Search Engine Optimization Social Media Optimization
Process~ Optimizing your website for search engines. Sharing content off site.
Link Building~ Inbound links are a determining factor in search rankings. Links are a result of success, which means that SEO benefits from good SMO.
On Page Elements~ Title tags, headers, image title, bold text and use of keywords are all influential factors on search engine rankings. Visual attention grabbers make a bigger impact.
Titles~ The title tag carries a lot of weight in the rankings because it tells the search engines what a page is all about. Titles and headlines plays important in grabbing attention of users and obtaining users to click-through.
Content Must be Easily Readable~ Read by search engine spiders. Read by human readers.
Content~ Quality content is the most important thing in making the page rank well. Here, quality content is holds the reader’s’ attention and win their approval.

Along with quality content visual content holds the equal importance.

Analysis~ Analysis is necessary in order to know which changes have made an impact (positive or negative) on the site’s rankings. Analysis is necessary to know what types of content draws interest.
Benefit of Experience~ SEO Experts are able to reproduce success with new sites as the same elements can be applied. Those who know the social media audience can recreate success by publishing posts and headlines.
Goal~ Increase traffic via search engines. Increase brand recognition and popularity among people.
Method~ Select and use keywords, optimize HTML and backend coding, add meta descriptions, alt tags, headers. Create quality content and spread it as widely as possible through social media channels.
Results~ Seen over the long term. Short intervals of success.


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