Beauty Secrets for a Wedding Day

A wedding is a huge affair with lots of intricacies and complexities involved. Even after careful planning and detailing, there are a lot of basic things we tend to forget. So, the best way is to make a checklist of things and tick-off the tasks once completed. Well, one of the main tasks requiring attention during the wedding would be makeup and hair of the bride and bridesmaid.  This would require a professional attention. So, a mobile bridal hair and makeup artist would need to be hired for giving the right beauty touches to the beautiful ladies.

Why hire mobile makeup artists?

When it comes to wedding day hair and makeup, hiring a mobile makeup artist is essential as it eliminated the travel time to a salon and giving directions and not to mention other salon patrons inquiring eyes. Arranging to have your makeup and hair done professionally on site means you get to spend time enjoying with family and friends.

While many brides like the idea of using their regular stylist, but it is recommended that they tread carefully. There is no issue if the stylist will be working on the bride, but if there is a big bridal party, it is best to hire hair and makeup artists with expertise specifically in wedding styles. These professionals are expert at sticking to tight timelines, addressing a wide variety of likes and dislikes and keeping groups of women calm and happy on such an important day.

Another secret to a wedding day is to have a full hair and makeup trial. Well, picture yourself on the day of the wedding, you go to a salon and ask your stylist to create a look. They do what you ask but then you suddenly realise that what you wanted looks totally different than what you expected. It’s your wedding day and you are on a tight schedule, so you don’t have time to redo anything. This leads to a very stressful situation and something you don’t want to be worrying about at the last minute.

As a bride, you should be camera-ready but also focus on the mother and the bridesmaids to make sure they look and feel their best. For everything to go smoothly, it is important that bridal party stick to a few simple rules. Ask them to arrive with their hair fully dried so that the hair stylist can enhance with curls, waves or up-dos as needed. Also, it is recommended that bridesmaids apply a light base makeup on themselves and then the artist can build on to create a beautiful look. This saves a lot of time so that you can pose for photographs.

These are few beauty secrets for your wedding day. To hire a mobile bridal hair and makeup artist in Melbourne contact Jenny Beauty.

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