Basic links, linking and referencing

You will now know that the strengthening of links is one of the fundamentals of SEO. Is that a given right? Of course it is – like it or not search engine algorithms under way many of their processes on calculating the quantity, quality, theme and contextual relevance of links to a website.

Before continuing, allow me to make a small reservation; I’m not saying that link building is the only thing that has an impact on your search engine ranking, just that it’s a big part of it.

If you are serious about SEO then you need to get serious about the link building and start looking around at the different types of links you are going to try to get.

So, what is a basic bond then?

For the purposes of this discussion, the term “basic links” refers to those relatively easy to get back links from the likes of:

  • Web Directories
  • Article directories
  • Press Releases
  • Forums
  • Social referencing

What do I need to do to get basic links?

I’ve said before that these types of links are relatively easy to get, but it’s not just plain sailing. It will take a little organization and time to get the most out of it. You are going to need:

  • A good quality website
  • Some internal content of good quality, rich in keywords (on-site fees) and external (off-site fees)
  • A plan for building structured links
  • At least 2-3 hours per week
  • Do basic links really work?

If the question is; “Will I rank No.1 for my top keyword just by getting links from directories, articles, press releases, forums and bookmarking sites?” Then the answer is “Probably not”

But if the question is: “Does building reasonable links from directories, articles, press releases, forums and bookmarking sites help my overall back-linking campaign? Then the answer is a ‘YES’

You have probably read all types of things through forums about the value of different types of links. My advice at this point is to deal with forum information with child gloves. Safe forums are a good place to hang out and absorb additional knowledge … but do not believe everything you read.


In my SEO career I have not worked with or analyzed a website ranking on commercially beneficial key terms that did not deliver in some form of link basis. So go ahead and get some cracking!


Tips for an Effective Basic Bond

Take a look at what your competitors are doing – no harm in trying to replicate the successful link building efforts.

Do not spam – we are not talking about link-spamming here, so do it only if it is relevant and you really had something to add.

Getting on a roll – consistency is the key. Once you start, you must maintain it, increase your efforts on a monthly basis

Do not give up – think about giving him 3 weeks and see how he goes? Forget, you have to put at least 6 months in it. Patience is a virtue.

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