Auto search Philippines Car Comparo: Which is best, Mitsubishi Mirage G4 or Toyota Vios?

The Philippine automotive company offers a huge selection of vehicles that’d fit the local marketplaces diverse lifestyle. For this comparo, have look into 2 subcompact Sedans – Mitsubishi mirage G4 and Toyota Vios – and view which is the best transporter for a usually small Filipino family of 5 or 6.


Of note, we’d be comparing the base variants of Mitsubishi mirage G4 and Toyota Vios for this battle. A tale of tape begins by looking at the costs of each vehicle.




The Mitsubishi mirage G4 clams this classification with its less P563000 cost tag as differentiated to Toyota Vios P592000. If you do math, the Mitsubishi car price Philippines is priced P29000 lesser. The cost distinction of the 2 vehicles are relatively smaller however if you come to wonder of it the Mitsubishi offers you across P30, 000 more in savings.


But, comparing the cost is not sufficient to make you determine which vehicle to select. So let’s move on and have a look at what is under the hood.




Mitsubishi mirage G4 and Toyota Vios are both mated to 5-speed manual transference. But, there is notable contrast with its power units. Toyota Vios is powered by 1.3L engine whilst the Mitsubishi is furnished with 1.2L engine. With this, it is a dead giveaway which Vios’s subcompact sedan would edge out this classification.


The Toyota delivers 85 HP as well as 122 NM of torque whilst the Mitsubishi mirage G4 generates 100 NM and 76 HP. As the count suggests the Toyota has an appended 22 Nm and 9 HP of torque. This signifies that it’s faster plus has more torque pull than that of Mitsubishi mirage G4. But, you may not sense the power distinction if you are driving across the town. The Toyota additional 9 HP can be sensed more likely when you are cruising at an open path.


So, which is best? The way you notice it both the vehicles are integrated with attributes that could match your family’s transport requirements. If you need more power, the Toyota is the vehicle for you. On other side, if you need to secure more money, whilst yet availing a decent car, then Mirage G4 suits you.

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