Australia Skilled Immigration- Basic Requirements

Australia Immigration Services – To be considered as part of the Australian GSM (General Skilled Migration) program, an applicant must fulfil few requirements. Even though this is not an all-inclusive eligibility criteria it will obviously give you a good idea of the minimum standards you need to fulfil as an applicant.

  • Age: As an applicant, you must be under the age group of 50 years
  • Language: To work in Australia, it is essential to have a good knowledge of spoken as well as written English. This is measured through the international English Language Testing System
  • Qualification: Assess your education, qualification and skills by the concerned assessing authority to assure your eligibility for the nominated occupation. You can’t randomly apply for any jobs in Australia, until and unless you are a pro in it
  • Nominated Occupation: At the time of applying for any nominated occupation in Australia, you must check whether the job of your interest falls under the Skilled Occupations List or not
  • Skill Assessment: The Australian Assessing Authority is responsible for assessing nominated occupations. So, before you apply for any job in the country, it is a must that you assess your skills with this department
  • Health Assessment: You should be medically fit to be considered under the GSM program. So, at the time of application, you have to submit a prove of the fact
  • Character Assessment: Moreover, you should also possess a positive character. In other words, if you have any criminal or unlawful records, then you won’t be in a position to work in this beautiful island country

Thus, if you don’t meet any of the above mentioned criteria, then you should not apply for the Australian General Skilled Migration (GSM) program as the country will never approve of your desire to be part the nation’s work culture. The island is strict with immigration rules and allows only those applicants who can satisfyingly clear all the requirements set by the Australian government.

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