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Roman Trump ,Washington ,USA .As I have summarized the article that its about Microsoft Office excel password recovery .Opening excel from protection mode is very difficult job because its encryption are strongly high and its only decrypt through the Microsoft  engineers originally .But with the help another software you can unlock ,open ,remove password ,decrypt excel sheet very smoothly .This software achievement was not trouble free but we made it ease with our determination ,hard work ,concentration ,etc .So after a deep research and development we got this success at our hand for the world .The excel password recovery software is totally build with light coding of c ,C++ and C sharp languages because these are the world famous languages which do not beaten in market and you can take one popular example of operating system windows that coded in c .So it was neat and clean basic information about software backhand code .

Now let we discuss about your data safety with our product excel password remover .Whenever this application downloaded all over the world .It automatically installed at safe place of windows operating system because its fully support windows upto 10.It has friendly working relationship with office excel each and every file as listed here excel :- 97,98,2000,2002,2003,2007,2010,2013,2016 .It just play for your excel password removal or recovery and do not harm internal excel sheet database because it is very honest and discipline application that perform amazing for your without of any single damage .So here no question should raise in your mind about data security because this application provide full security to your excel sheet .

How this software is different from other and why you will use it .

All software looks common and perform same kind of job like excel sheet password recovery but for judging them you should try free demo version of the application that is free offered from Atom TechSoft for the universe .Every user want a good and specific application for completing task at time as well as want save time and mental exercise .So this excel password recovery software provides you all of the facility that recover password ,save time ,reduce mental exercise at zero and make data safe and secure means do not harm .Its the best reference from the software developer ,expert of the Atom TechSoft company .

Know how many type of excel sheet you can unlock or open with this tool

This excel password remover software is always ready for password recovery job and make quick  and smooth password recovery of all excel sheet upto 2016 .So that this software is also popular with the name of excel 2016 password recovery and excel 2013 password recovery .Pick it and try it on any of the office excel upto 2016 .

Lets introduce with software and its feature ,working steps ,etc .

Basically this excel 2013 excel password recovery software is advance version application which perform good and quality work within specific time .So that its more in demand .One smart reason is behind the development of this tool that is our customer demand who especially email about their problem and discuss with us .We are highly obliged to our user who suggest this way of password recovery .We stand here only of our user who continuously believing on us and appreciating our work .seriously we got great strength from our users who support us and believe on us .

Software feature .

Feature 1* No much requirement for installation on windows operating system .Its easily downloadable on windows upto win 10 platform .

Feature 2*  Insert excel any version 2002,2003,2013,2016 and it will remove and recover password as well as unlock the sheet .

Feature 3* Whatever was your password no matter ,its make quick recovery .

Feature 4* Perfect for all type of password combo recovery such as numeric+alphabet+special symbols .

Feature 5* Technical method for password recovery are Brute force and Dictionary attack .Dictionary attack opt for alphabet password recovery and brute force for all kind of combo password recovery .

Feature 6* Free demo service that is a freeware tool to open excel sheet ,use it free and have results .

How to use  excel password recovery software to recover excel password free

Step 1* Download software and run it as administration option by clicking right .

Step 2* Put excel and choose a method brute force and dictionary attack .

Step 3*Click on recover button to recover excel sheet password or unlock excel sheet .

Step 4* Wait software is processing and wait .


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