Atera roof rails for your car

Atera roof rails are delivered completely pre-assembled, making the roof rails easy and fast. The roof carriers are of high quality and are aimed at user-friendliness. Atera roof racks can be locked with the unique Atera key that you get at the roof rack.

Thanks to the years of experience that Atera has, they have always been able to improve their products. In addition to the roof racks, the other products of Atera are also of high quality. Atera roof rails are available in steel or aluminum. The maximum carrying capacity of the roof rails is 60 or 90 kilos depending on the roof carrier.

Instead of using the standard rainfall form, Atera has introduced a specially designed ‘ShapeBreak’ in the back of the beam that manages the airflow in a convenient way. At the same time, the ShapeBreak improves the stability of the crossbar and helps keep the weight low.

The Atera WindBarrier is a deflector for airflow and is an important element, with its origins in aviation. The WindBarrier creates small swirls that form an air cushion on the surface of the crossbar, which forms a bridge for the airflow above the T-Slot, which prevents noise development under all driving conditions. Even when it’s unloaded, it’s not necessary to cover the T-Lock to prevent noise.

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