Andaman Plantations Helps to restore the benefits of Noni

Noni are rich in medicinal values that are useful in imparting new lease of life in lives of people in the best possible way.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands, situated in the eastern part of mainland of India, float in splendid isolation in blue waters of Bay of Bengal. Once a mountain range stretching from Myanmar up to Indonesia, these picturesque islands and islets are counted as five hundred and seventy two in numbers, this place is essentially covered up with damp, rain-fed and evergreen forests. Speaking about its enriched flora that is spread across the island, Andaman and Nicobar Islands’ lush forests contain different types of plants across different countries namely Myanmar, Malaysia and India. As per the statistics, there are nearly 2200 types of plants. Out of them, only two varieties are popular while nearly 1300 varieties of plants are rarely found in this country.

With a rich history of nearly fifty one years, the Andaman Plantations is considered to be one of leading planters of Port Blair. Spreading over an area of twelve hundred acres and covering five areas namely North Bay, Bambooflat, Chunnabhatta, Mithakhari, Minnebay, this planter has gained prominence as a cultivator dedicated in producing a wide array of natural products such as clove, black pepper, vanilla, cardamom and many more. Proficient agricultural as well as management team has developed profound experience in managing plantations as well as processing natural products in best possible way. Coconut that is grown here can be effectively processed into high quality copra whereas noni fruits can be processed in dried powder. All the natural extracts that are fleshed from noni are beneficial in producing noni juice as well as capsules.

Coming to noni, the juice extracted from this fruit boasts of its fascinating quality that helps in improving immune system as well as helps cells of body to absorb all the essential nutrients. Natural components of this fruit are rich in Scopoletin. Although it is a less known component it is reported to offer multiple benefits. However, you should be careful before you consume noni juice. According to recent studies, there are several manufacturers who have begun making noni juices with help of artificial flavors. However, Andaman Plantations is one such planter that sold out noni juice and asserts its 100 percent purity.In fact herbal extracts that are used for preparing this juice is helpful in curing all kinds of pain. The dried powder that is extracted from dried fruits can be stored effectively and can be consumed to get the health benefits that one can get from consuming natural noni juice.

Be it dried Noni powder or noni juice, this private planter ensures that medicinal benefits remain the same as that of natural noni fruit.For example, this product is effective in curing multiple ailments such as diabetes, cold, flu, depression, anxiety, and blood pressure and so on. Moreover it is useful for curing diverse skin as well as scalp issues like ringworm, eczema etc.It helps in absorbing LDL cholesterol, thereby reducing plaque in the arteries and keeping you fit and healthy for a long period of time.Moreover, it reduces strain on the intestine as well as softens stool by all possible means.

Andaman Plantations is one of the leading private planters dedicated in manufacturing noni, clove, cinnamon and other natural products by using modern techniques and methodologies.

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